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Toontrack Music

Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer 3 to v3.1.1

Toontrack has updated Superior Drummer to v3.1.1.



  • Optimizations for graphics rendering.
  • Certain GM defined CC numbers are now in a separate submenu when you right-click a control to bind it to a CC.
  • Automatic MIDI assignment has been updated with data from new sound libraries so that it works better.

Grooves Tab:

  • The first browser column is now a bit wider since some library names got truncated.

Grid Editor:

  • Zones where it is forbidden to add future hit notes are now shown when the Add Tool is active and the mouse is over future hit rows.
  • Ctrl/cmd-deselecting notes with lasso now updates the graphics while dragging.
  • Changed header in Select menu from "Selection" to "Select on Active Rows".
  • Added "MIDI Editing – Preview Sounds" option to the grid editor, so you can turn off preview sounds while editing.
  • Zooming while having Auto in Resolution menu will apply any changes done by Quantize/Swing/Randomize or Nudge controls.

Metronome Settings:

  • Metronome output list shows the output channel names instead of numbers.

Macro Controls:

  • Added undo for enable/disable macro control row.


  • Added undo for rename and hide/show mixer channels.
  • Right click on hidden channel now has "Show Channel" option.


  • New location for the "Drag MIDI to song track" sign in the Tracker export view.

Bug Fixes


  • Clicking "Authorize Offline" when authorizing SD3 caused a crash.
  • It could crash at startup if the default project used a library which was located on a disconnected harddrive.
  • Keyboard shortcuts other than space and escape are now blocked when a modal dialog is open.
  • Fixed some graphical issues for sub-100% scales.
  • Detaching the grid editor from the View menu no longer opens Edit Play Style.
  • Selecting "Reattach All" when Edit Play Style is open no longer brings up the stack view and box view.
  • Pressing escape key now tries to close the dialog in focus first. Only closes one dialog at a time as well.
  • Selecting "Load Default Project" no longer keeps the old project name.
  • The macro control area is now brought back when Tap2Find is closed, if it was previously visible.
  • Improved MIDI mapping from Superior Drummer 2 presets.
  • Removing all SD3 instances in a DAW and then adding a new instance could make SD3 use the wrong fonts.
  • Fixed missing/wrong tooltip on the time signature buttons.

Drums Tab:

  • Pitch FX undo was not always saved.
  • No sounds were loaded when undoing disable bleed or lowering the layer limits.
  • The envelope release indicator is no longer drawn if release is off.
  • Removing a stack could cause a crash in some situations.
  • Clicking on stack hits or having a stack selected and playing the whole drum did not show visual hit in the velocity editor.
  • Substituted drum hits did not show visual hits in the stack view.
  • Made the articulations list a bit wider to fit the future hit percussion names.
  • Clicking multiple times on an articulation name in the mapping box could stop preview for that articulation.

Search for Instrument:

  • Previewing instruments with no MIDI mapping caused a crash.

Grooves Tab:

  • Added 'S2 User Presets' submenu (when needed) in the e-drum presets menu in the browser, so that such presets no longer appear in the Legacy submenu.


  • Hi-hat open/closed buttons had wrong positions if the Song Creator was open.

Edit Play Style:

  • Copying from and to a future hit instrument did not work well.

Grid Editor:

  • A crash could occur if instruments had been added and removed.
  • Unmapped notes were not shown as separate rows anymore.
  • Improved the algorithm for determining if a row should be visible or not if hiding "unused" articulations/instruments.
  • Turning on/off articulations now updates grid editor in case rows should be added/removed.
  • Aftertouch events inserted at the very end of a MIDI block got removed.
  • The default velocity for new future hit notes was wrong.
  • Wrong articulation could be played when clicking on future hit percussion rows.
  • Visual hits for future hit percussion in grid editor were off.
  • The grid editor would not get any visual hits if in external window and Edit Play Style was closed.
  • Clicking an instrument row that had no MIDI mapping caused a crash.
  • Unmapped instruments were not properly greyed out.
  • Selection is now restored when undoing drawing velocities in the grid editor.

Song Track:

  • Crash fix for showing triplets in 1/32 time signature.
  • The aftertouch state is now reset when the song track is stopped.
  • Aftertouch and CC states are now set correctly when song track playback is resumed.
  • Snapping on song track and timebar did not work very well on other scales than 100%.
  • Inserting a time signature change could move the signature changes placed after the insert.
  • The browser path written in MIDI files was missing the first folder.
  • If multiple kitpiece transforms existed and the MIDI in a block had to be reanalyzed (when editing MIDI in the grid editor, for example), all transforms were not cleared, which lead to strange results when undo/redoing.


  • When exporting MIDI, the length of the exported file did not match the length of the audio track.
  • Keyboard shortcut fixes in tempo map and time signature editors.
  • Grid and timebars didn't always update correctly after undo.
  • Nudge in Milliseconds mode moved by centiseconds instead.
  • Removing a loaded track and then clicking on the empty last track could cause a crash.
  • "Select All Events" did not select manually added transients.


  • Fixed issue where SD3 could freeze when adding/removing sends.
  • Removing all effects with the mixer menu or channel preset menu did not save undo for all the macros that belonged to the effects.
  • Channel height is now updated when undoing adding/removing sends.
  • Undoing adding a send now hides the shown bus channel if it was hidden before.
  • Bleed can now be turned off in send window without the bad routing popup showing up.
  • Hiding channels with animation now saves an undo event.
  • Send pre/post look is now updated when undoing.

E-Drum Settings:

  • Hi-hat openness was drawn as active although it was not when it was dragged to the top or the bottom.
  • Preset name typo fix: Simmonds -> Simmons.

Metronome Settings:

  • The last mixer output was not possible to choose for metronome output.


  • The window no longer stays in maximized mode after selecting a new size from the View menu.
  • Standalone maximized mode is saved between sessions.
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