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Toontrack releases Alchemy of Pop EZX expansion

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has announced the release of the Alchemy of Pop EZX, a new expansion for EZdrummer 3/Superior Drummer 3 by JUNO Award-winning engineer/producer/mixer Hill Kourkoutis and drummer Skye Polson.

Here's what they say about the Alchemy of Pop EZX:

Just like the ancient alchemists sought to achieve magic when combining disparate elements, this EZX fuses timeless vintage charm with cutting edge electronic sound design. The result is an intricate amalgam of drums and percussion that seamlessly meshes into a kindred but sprawling collection of kits for any facet of popular music imaginable. If you're looking for the perfect potion for your productions, this expansion for EZdrummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3 is pure pop gold.

The Alchemy of Pop EZX was recorded by JUNO Award-winning engineer/producer/mixer Hill Kourkoutis and sampled by drummer Skye Polson (Digging Roots) at the renowned Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, ON. Featuring four kits, each representing its own niche or style, as well as a broad collection of organic and electronic shakers, stomps, claps, snaps and effects curated to fit each drum set, this is an EZX that bridges the gap between several sound ideals and provides a canopy of kits covering the entire range from raw, rich, dark, earthy and open to muffled, tight and snappy.

In addition to using classic drumsticks, one kit was recorded with brushes, one with mallets and in two, the drums were extensively muffled using towels. This all combined gives you a unique palette of colorful kits for just as much the intimately acoustic as the hard-hittingly edgy.

With Kourkoutis' bygone-inspired but future-driven production style and Polson's deep, swampy and behind-the-beat pocket style of groove, as showcased in the included library of MIDI, this EZX will lend you a supernatural percussive fusion firmly rooted in the vintage but pushing the sound ideas of today well into the future.

If you're looking to add some new pocket power to your pop productions, this EZX is your new go-to.

Feature Spotlight:

  • Ideal for anything from rootsy beats to pocket-driven, edgy pop.
  • Recorded by Hill Kourkoutis, JUNO Award-winning engineer/producer/mixer.
  • Sampled by drummer Skye Polson.
  • Recorded at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto, ON.
  • Four unique drum kits sampled with drumsticks.
  • Features kit configurations sampled both as regular and damped as well as with mallets and brushes.
  • A total of 12 unique snare drums (of which several were recorded using different tools or damping).
  • Includes custom electronic and acoustic one-shots curated to fit each kit.
  • Features a MIDI library unique to this EZX (performed by sampling drummer Skye Polson).

Price: $89.



Discussion: Active
13 June 2024 at 6:01am

Holy cow! 14GB! I think this has to be the largest EZX library they've released yet? Includes configurations with mallets and brushes and a ton of percussions! Personally not my kind of sound but sounds like a spectacular library and makes me excited, I hope Toontrack's following libraries are as packed with content as this one.

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