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Toontrack updates EZbass to v1.0.4

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated EZbass to v1.0.4.


  • Song Track: The song track can now be exported as audio (WAVE).
  • Drums & Keys Tab:Added a small flash animation upon loading MIDI.
  • Audio Tracker: Some changes in the Session Setup help text in standalone.

Bug Fixes


  • Short, fast slides in the Grid Editor or Tracker could sometimes end up not sounding at all.
  • In some cases, certain MIDI blocks on the Song Track would become empty when a project was loaded.
  • Sending CC9 into EZbass could sometimes cause unwanted pitching of notes.
  • After locating a moved sound folder, EZbass would not load any sounds.

Song Track:

  • Using the cut tool on a MIDI block could cause a crash.
  • Removing a song track tab could cause a crash.
  • It was possible to use "Add/Edit Chord" on a Song Part rather than a MIDI block, causing EZBass to crash.
  • Correcting a chord at the end of a resized MIDI block could lead to a crash.
  • Quantizing a MIDI block reanalyzed and corrupted the chords in the block, leading to the transitions menu being disabled for that block.
  • There was no undo event saved for quantizing a MIDI block.
  • The current Song Part type wasn't marked in the menu.
  • In the time signature editor, dropping a time signature onto another replaces it with the dragged time signature.
  • Auto-transitions would incorrectly transpose unquantized notes belonging to the next chord.
  • The bass note of a chord could be transposed up too far when using octave in Edit Play Style.
  • The Follow Host Off alert dialog would not show up if the GUI was closed when Follow Host was turned off. The Follow Host button was not updated either.
  • Undo/redo of MIDI block changes could lead to a crash (for example if you split a chord block afterwards).
  • Selecting song parts with marker rectangle didn't count as changing selection in all regards – buttons didn't enable, etc.
  • In the tempo editor, tempos lower than 1 BPM or higher than 400 BPM can no longer be inserted by using the Increase/Decrease Tempo buttons.

Grooves Tab:

  • "Show in Browser" wasn't working properly in all scenarios.
  • Renaming a user MIDI folder caused the entire User MIDI library to be rescanned.
  • Renaming a user MIDI folder caused favorites in that folder to be forgotten.
  • User MIDI folders could end up flagged as "out of sync" due to having broken MIDI files inside the folder.
  • The Tap2Find Drop Zone had multiple texts visible when dragging an empty MIDI file (looked weird).
  • "New Project" now properly clears everything in Grooves Tab.

Grid Editor:

  • Increased the area where you can click to resize notes.
  • The "Pitch" menu entry in the curve edit menu is now checked if any of the selected notes contains pitch bend information.
  • The CC editor is faster now, especially with many nodes.
  • The slide button was not enabled when selecting two consecutive notes of the same pitch, even though slides could be generated.
  • Creating slides on events with other events closely following on the same note did not behave well.
  • Some notes created with the slide button could be left behind when removing the slide with the same button.
  • Adding dampening to a chord could in some cases create a ramp of dampening instead of a sharp jump.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing escape in an empty grid editor.

Drums & Keys Tab:

  • Dragging MIDI while already having MIDI loaded will show the drop zone again.
  • Sidestick wasn't counted as snare when working with drum MIDI.
  • When converting drum MIDI, bass notes would sometimes be added too close.

Audio Tracker:

  • The play button was not toggled on/off properly.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened while resizing slides.
  • Adding transients onto a user-created slide now works as intended.
  • Tracking additional articulations is no longer enabled in percussive mode.
  • Disabling grace notes in the session setup does not require reanalysis for them to show up again – you can now enable them and they come back.
  • The snap options in the Tracker are now more like in the Grid Editor.
  • Changing the GUI scale caused the MIDI loop at the bottom to look empty.
  • Changing the GUI scale caused the articulation view to close even though the show/hide button indicated that it was shown, and the articulation view would be impossible to open until a note was changed.
  • It is now again possible to press "Cancel" when loading a file/recording into tracker.
  • The piano roll height did not scale properly, causing problems with zooming, for example.


  • Fixed that audio input would not work in some cases.


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