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Toontrack updates EZbass to v1.0.6 and Audio Sender to v1.0.4

Toontrack Music

Toontrack has updated EZbass to v1.0.6 and Audio Sender to v1.0.4.

A full list of changes and bug fixes can be found below.

EZbass 1.0.6 Changes


  • Added support for "adaptive palm muting" which can be active in certain presets in future sound libraries. Defined by a preset-specific velocity-to-damping curve, it will generally induce more damping for low velocities and less damping when you play hard.
  • An undo/redo history submenu has been added to the Edit menu.
  • On Retina displays on Mac, many graphical elements are less blurry now. A few graphical artifacts, like thin lines that shouldn't have been there, have disappeared.
  • Preset names are no longer limited to 24 characters.

Song Track:

  • It's now possible to zoom all the way out.
  • MIDI dragged from the Song Track out from EZbass is now named "EZbass {track name}" instead of "Untitled".

Grooves Tab:

  • In the Options menu, the submenu "Folder" has been renamed to "User MIDI and Linked Folders.".
  • As per common standards, filters are no longer toggled off by clicking them. This can instead be done with cmd-click on Mac and ctrl-click on Windows, for example.
  • A Select/Deselect menu item has been added to the context menu on filters.
  • There are now tooltips in the result view, result view header columns and folder browser whenever a text is too wide to fit.

Grid Editor:

  • Inserting a new node in the CC editor now inserts it at the same value as the previous node.
  • It's now possible to zoom all the way out.
  • Creating a new project now resets the zoom factor and view position in the grid editor.

Audio Tracker:

  • The loudest note in the tracker now gets velocity 116 instead of 127.


  • If the last used audio device isn't connected, EZbass tries to use one that has been used before. If that can't be done, it tries to use the default device.

EZbass 1.0.6 Bug Fixes


  • Latency compensation when using a sample rate other than 44100 Hz now works better.
  • Polyphonic notes within 2 seminotes were sometimes played back as grace notes.
  • EZbass will better notify the DAW when anything has been changed inside the plug-in.
  • Trying to load a project that uses a library which no longer exists caused a crash.
  • Choosing "New Project" directly after launching the plug-in caused a crash.
  • The keyboard shortcut font was never scaled on Windows.
  • Loading a different preset in the same library with the same stroke style, wrong sounds were sometimes loaded.
  • Text fixes: Down Stroke -> Downstroke, Up Stroke -> Upstroke, Un-Mute -> Unmute.
  • If graphics could not be read from a library, it would crash when MIDI was played.
  • Some improvements on handling bad MIDI files/recordings.

Song Track:

  • Notes should now be fully visible while recording and jumping back in the timeline.
  • Note articulations were not recalled (when loading a project or undoing/redoing, for example) for all notes if a very large number of articulations were set in a MIDI block.
  • In exported audio, ringing effects at the end of a song were sometimes cut short.
  • Exported audio should now have the correct length even when there are tempo changes on the track.
  • In exported audio, the latency is now compensated for correctly.
  • Adding a tempo node in the tempo editor and undoing should no longer make song parts appear on top of the tempo editor.
  • Splitting or resizing a chord with MIDI underneath did not save undo for the MIDI block, so undoing the split left the MIDI block with more chords than it should have.
  • Shift and command resizing of chords now work just as normal resize.

Edit Play Style:

  • The Damping knob should no longer affect chords after the selected chords.

Grid Editor:

  • Splitting the last note of a legato slide should no longer cause a crash.
  • The CC editor should now behave better when you insert new nodes and load projects.
  • Adding/removing vibrato from Note menu did not update the CC editor properly.
  • Zooming the grid editor all the way out and resizing the window larger resulted in a big black rectangle being shown to the right of the grid.

Grooves Tab:

  • The correct major/minor parallel key signature was not set on loops dragged to User MIDI.
  • Renaming a folder in User MIDI did not update the family name for files inside.
  • The song track stop button now also stops the Tap2Find preview player.
  • The User MIDI search result view no longer accepts MIDI drags when the view is not visible.
  • Clicking "Original Tempo" on the first selected file in the browser had no effect.

Drums & Keys Tab:

  • Some improvements in the piano MIDI "tracker.".

Audio Tracker:

  • Note selection and region selection are now preserved by undo/redo.
  • Right click on a region no longer deselects other regions.
  • Multiple region thresholds can be moved now (if selected), not just the one being clicked on.
  • The record button incorrectly became enabled when the play button was pressed even if no input was available.
  • The input meter now reacts to input through the Toontrack Audio Sender (version 1.0.4 or higher).
  • Various undo fixes for regions and tracking mode.
  • Undoing after selecting New Session no longer crashes.
  • Undoing after loading a file and having something selected should no longer cause a crash.
  • Rerecording could cause the first note to be missed.
  • Rerecording could result in incorrect results, depending on how the threshold was set before.
  • Pressing the record button while playing now starts recording.
  • Recordings made from Toontrack Audio Sender would sometimes start at the wrong time.
  • Notes can no longer be added after the audio region.
  • The Add Note line is no longer drawn when the mouse is outside the audio region.
  • Merging notes and then adding back a note now changes the length of the merged one.
  • Manually added notes now always have the maximum trigger level in the amount view.


  • The audio setup dialog is now scaled according to the Windows scale.

Audio Sender 1.0.4 Changes:

  • In AU and AAX, the default name of the Audio Sender instance is now the channel name in the DAW if the DAW sends it to the plug-in, otherwise it's "Audio Input".
  • If you enter an empty string in the text field, the name now reverts to the default.
  • Audio is now being sent to the connected EZbass instance also when preparing to record in Audio Tracker, so that the input meter can show if the input is working, but only if the DAW transport is playing.


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