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Toontrack Music

Toontrack updates EZdrummer to v2.1.2 and Superior to v2.4.4

Toontrack has released updates for EZdrummer and Superior.

EZdrummer v2.1.2

New features and improvements:

  • new e-drum presets.
  • pasting onto an empty track sets the time signature to that of the pasted loop.
  • the host will be defaulted to using Windows scaling factor on 4k and high DPI monitors.
  • drumkit preset menu signals if the selected preset does not represent current state.
  • added 1/2x, 1x, 2x tempo modifiers to the MIDI browsers, also the possibility to change a 4/4 triplet into 6/8 and vice versa is added in the same menu.
  • added a velocity slider to the MIDI browsers.
  • it is now possible to mute blocks in the song track by right clicking and selecting "Mute".
  • selected preset is now shown below the selected EZX.
  • presets that get changed from their original setting will have an indicator next to the preset name to show it has been tweaked.
  • sorting algorithm in search browser has been changed to sort as humans tend to do instead of how computers want to do it.
  • possible to change the starting bar number of song track time line between 0 and 1.
  • audio effects updated.
  • new standalone channel routing system which handles unlimited number of outputs on the sound card.
  • standalone sample rate is no longer fixed at 44.1k.
  • improved crash dump dialogs on Windows. Tries to write in three different locations before giving up. Also reports if it fails writing the dump file.

Bug fixes:

  • various crash fixes.
  • having no internet connection and going into Online MIDI mode didn't show the "Connection failed." error message.
  • loading a project containing a tap2find loop always caused search tab to be visible, regardless of which tab was used upon saving.
  • toggling favorites while in online MIDI mode did not properly keep favorite state when entering offline mode again (and vice versa).
  • loading a project or selecting "new" in standalone did not properly reset the tap2find loop, which in worst case scenario caused a crash.
  • when using back/forward buttons reset the quantize value both on block and in tap2find.
  • dragging from favorites to somewhere and then back to favorites appended an extra .mid on the name.
  • metronome volume fix in stand alone.
  • now possible to drag from tap2find to favourites.

Superior to v2.4.4

Improvements and fixes:

  • tempo changes now better handled when bouncing through mixer. This affects only some of the EZX black boxes that react to tempo changes.
  • changing MIDI as numbers immediately updates the current assigned keys menu.
  • E-drum MIDI presets somewhat adjusted to harmonize with EZdrummer 2.
  • rare preset bug fixed. If there was a folder with presets among the user presets and this folder got sorted to be last in the menu, then any preset created during a session could not be deleted.
  • crash avoided if default lib is somehow broken enough to warrant a warning but that warning never gets the time to display before another lib is loaded.
  • Support for upcoming EZX sound libraries.
  • Unwanted focus grabbing in Pro Tools improved.
  • fix for pitch Reset. Should now reset only selected drums and not 'Fix' anything else by mistake.
  • fix for rare situation where an EZX1 could get stuck in an unauthorized state.
  • fix for crash when setting path to S1 libs. (Since 2.4.1).
  • fix for spurious appearance of non-working EZX POPROCK sometimes when EZdrummer 2 or its demo was installed.
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