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Topten Software releases Cantabile v1.2 build 1240 beta (Lite and Full)

Topten Software

Topten Software has released beta version 1.2 build 1240 of Cantabile, which is now available in two versions - a lightweight free version, Cantabile Lite and a retail full version simply called Cantabile. The full version costs $25.

Cantabile Lite has no nag screens, is not crippled in anyway and is completely free. Limitations compared with the full retail version are:

  • Plugin hosting limited to two racks of two plugins for a total of 4 plugins.
  • Master bus limited to 2 channel stereo.
  • Audio recorder limited to 16-bit, 2 channel stereo audio recordings.

New features in Cantabile Lite and Cantabile (Full):

  • Multiple Plugins Support. Cantabile Lite supports 2 racks of 2 plugins (for a total of 4 plugins) while the full version supports unlimited racks and plugins.
  • Metronome - define custom tempos/time signatures for quick access, use custom sounds or the built in ones. Includes tap tempo to set tempo by playing notes on a keyboard.
  • MIDI Controller Assignments - assigning external MIDI devices to just about any Cantabile setting or VST parameter.
  • New command to toggle between the current program and the previous one allows for easy comparison of two programs.
  • On-screen X-Y assignable controller - use as modulation/pitch wheels or any MIDI controller.
  • Performance enhancements - lots of improvements to audio engine - up to 4 times more efficient and less prone to stalling.
  • New improved toolbar and menus in the plugin editor.
  • New optimistic and pessimistic recording modes (record all or only selected recordings)
  • Lots of other miscellaneous minor improvements.

New features in the full version:

  • Multi-channel audio (up to 28 channels)
  • Plugin Manager - organise plugins the way you want them and hide plugins you rarely use.
  • Program Organizer - copy, paste, drag drop, reorder, rename programs easily. Also import/export fxp files in batches.
  • Shared Program Bank - a virtual bank of programs maintained by Cantabile for each plugin. Great for plugins that have only a single or limited program slots.
  • Program A/B switching - each plugin now has a separate "B" slot that can be used to toggle between two versions of a program.
  • Incremental FXP saving - saves the current preset and automatically increments the filename for the next save.
  • Better multi channel support - define you're preferred channel arrangements for the master bus and assign plugin pins as needed.
  • Program Morphing and Randomizing tools for inspiration when authoring presets. Tools are integrated into plugin editor appearing as an extra toolbar for easy access and use. Also includes animation feature that morphs or randomizes automatically on a timer.
  • Quick Sessions - define up to 8 Cantabile session files as "quick sessions" for easy loading from shortcut key or MIDI assignment.
  • Audio Recorder Formats - now supports recording multi-channel wave files in 16, 24, 32 and 32 bit floating point formats.


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