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Toybox releases Nano Pack for Reaktor


Toybox has announced the release of Nano Pack, the latest in their expanding range of virtual modular blocks for Reaktor.

The pack features over 500 high-quality, low-CPU blocks designed for modern sound design.

Features include:

  • 500 Small, low CPU blocks for unlimited flexibility.
  • Infinite Linear Oversampling (ILO) used for waveshapers, samplers, wavetables and oscillators (ILO is a DSP technique that greatly reduces aliasing distortion for an extremely clean/analog sound).
  • Flexible audio-rate modulations; every control has it's own modulation input.
  • 34 oscillator blocks utilising analog modelling, wavetable, additive, modal synthesis, physical modelling, oscillator stacking, phase distortion and more.
  • 76 high quality effects blocks including blocks for saturation, wave-folding, dynamics, spectral effects, vintage and modern reverbs, grain cloud, convolution and more.
  • 26 filter block utilising ultra high quality ZDF algorithms, including equalisers, comb filters, morphing filters, vintage modelled filters (ladder, sallen-Key, OTA, diode).
  • Sampler blocks for granular and formant processing, drum hits, automatic sampling, buffer manipulations etc.
  • A suite of versatile sequencer blocks that can be combined for creative sequencing and routing of sounds. Sequencer types include: gate, note, euclidean, bit, repeat, roll etc.
  • A 'position' port is used to drive the sequencers, which means you can control the playback position of any sequencer using any signal in your rack, for very complex and experimental sequencer patches. Use modulation or audio signals to drive sequencers or feed audio signals back to the position input to stutter and glitch playback.
  • 'Position Splitter' and 'Position Effects' blocks can be used to divide and modify the signals driving the sequences in different ways, modifying patterns for musical variation.
  • Over 300 utility blocks covering everything from input and output, MIDI, OSC, scopes and meters, recording, clocks, ramps, maths etc.
  • Maths functions, tables, arrays, build your own oscillators or filters just using blocks.
  • Open up any block and modify it, while it's being used (full Reaktor required).
  • Powerful snapshot system built into every block. Snapshots can be morphed and selected from an input port, or selected and edited globally by using MIDI and OSC.
  • A set of blocks for use with the Tidal Cycles live coding environment.
  • The pack can be used without limitations with the free Reaktor Player.

Intro Price: $45.00 (normal price $64).

They have also released a free cut-down version of the pack: the Nano Pack Community Edition.



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