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TrainYourEars releases TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2.0 with Intro Offer

Train Your Ears

TrainYourEars has announced the release of TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2.0, the second version of their popular Ear training for Sound Engineers software. It comes with a brand new training method and lots of other improvements.

TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2 is ear training software for Mac OS X and Windows designed to help Sound Engineers understand equalisers and frequencies. It uses two tested ear training methods which speed up the learning process exposing the user to hundreds of random equalisations they have to guess. If they are wrong, the software will let them know "how wrong", and it will let them hear both their guess and the correct answer. In no time the user will develop a frequency memory which will allow them to connect the sound they imagine in their head with the parameters they have to dial to get that sound quickly and without effort.

To learn more about how it works, you can watch the introductory video in the TrainYourEars website.

These are some of the improvements of this new version:

  • New training method: Instead of guessing, users have to use the EQ to correct the signal until it sounds right again. This method comes from a suggestion of a renowned mastering guru.
  • New redesigned interface: A modern looking, clean and intuitive new interface.
  • New assisted training: It guides the user with suggestions about what they should do on each step of the quiz.
  • New compare tool: Now it's much easier to quickly compare the answer with the solution.
  • New exercises screen: The user can explore a list of exercises or create new ones and keep track of the number of quizzes and scores of each one.
  • VST/AU support: For monitoring plugins (like IK ARC or Sonarworks Reference 3).
  • New documentation site: Check it out at docs.trainyourears.com.

In this new version the user interface has been redesigned to be as intuitive and easy as it can possibly be. And the new training method has been intensively tested to make sure it meets the quality of the old method. Both methods complement each other, helping the user to train both with a passive and an active perspective.

TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2 can be acquired now for a special launch price of 49€.



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