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Tsugi releases GameSynth 2023.1 with video playback and tool API


Tsugi has released a major update to their flagship procedural sound design tool.

GameSynth 2023.1 offers many specialized synthesizers to generate all the sound effects needed in games and animations: impacts, whooshes, footsteps, engines, particle-based sounds, environmental sounds, voice effects and more. It also provides a patching environment to build sound effects synthesizers by connecting 135+ modules together.

The new version includes:

  • Video playback for all models. Video can be synchronized with the beginning and the end of the audio playback, or with the drawing on the Sketch Pad.
  • The GameSynth API to remotely control GameSynth via TCP. Commands allow to load, save, and render patches, get patches from the repository, add or update automation curves, play back patches and adjust their meta-parameter values in real-time, and more. Examples of scripts for Reaper, Pure Data and the Unity game engine are included.
  • New exporter for Soundly. Allows to export sound variations directly into the Soundly's database, including metadata and UCS categories.
  • Support for UCS 8.2 to categorize patches.
  • Improvements to speed-up wiring in the patching environment.
  • New options for opening samples in the preferred audio editor or opening the folder where they are located.

GameSynth is 30% off ($273 instead of $390) until June 30th, 2023. The update is free for existing users and can be downloaded directly on the product's page.

GameSynth is available for Windows (no MacOS version at this time).




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