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Tsugi updates GameSynth to v1.1 with sound particles, vocal effects and more


Tsugi has updated GameSynth to v1.1, a new version of its sound design system for games, interactive applications and real-time film-making.

GameSynth 1.1 comes with several new procedural audio models as well as many improvements and new features for the current ones. With the new "Particles" model, granular synthesis is used to design intricate sonic textures. Massive amounts of sound particles are controlled in real-time to create truly innovative sounds and all parameters can be modulated: emission rate, velocity, particle lifetime.

The new "Voice FX" model lets sound designers assemble effect chains using more than 20 types of processing (vocoder, ring modulator, graphic EQ, pitch-shifter, delay...) to create unique vocal effects (robots, creatures, radio transmissions, stadium announces, etc.).

With version 1.1, GameSynth becomes a procedural audio platform. The new plug-in system allows both researchers and audio companies to implement their own procedural audio models and sell them easily by using the existing framework of GameSynth. The first GameSynth plug-in has been developed by Sound Design Labs, a Japanese company founded by a veteran engineer of Yamaha Motors. It is a physically-accurate and fully-controllable model of an engine. Many types of vehicles are available (F1, motorbike, sports car, etc.).

Until the end of September, the new GameSynth 1.1 is at an introductory price of US $290 (free update for current users).



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