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u-he releases Protoverb - Free "Research-ware" Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX


U-he has released Protoverb for Mac OS X and Windows.

Protoverb is an experimental "room simulator" style reverb plug-in created in an effort to research and learn more about reverb.

While the controls and look of Protoverb are simplified, underneath is a complex array of parallel, serial and networked delays and the parameters to control these delays. This means there is no mathematical formula that makes such a structure sound "just right". As with delay based reverbs, it's down to trial and error, and luck with random values.

Get Involved

After downloading and installing Protoverb, please test with any audio examples: synths, vocals, drums... anything and everything. There are a limited number of controls and two randomise buttons which modify Protoverb's hidden settings. Every parameter setting is identified by unique code, displayed in the interface. The codes can be edited, copied and pasted. Experiment and explore different settings, and when your hear something worth sharing (both good and bad), send it to u-he by pressing the Send Code button.


As a reward for helping out u-he will create a contest and award some prizes for the best submissions. To enter the contest just include your email address when you submit your code (there will be a text field in the form). u-he will announce the full details of the contest and prizes in January, 2016.

If identical codes are submitted, only the first will be entered into the contest - so experiment quickly, then feel free to share once you have sent your code in to u-he.

Visit the website to download Protoverb and get more details.



Discussion: Active
30 December 2015 at 5:27am

There is also version for Linux (VST2).

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