u-he has announced the release of Hive 1.2 (Mac / Windows / Linux) featuring wavetable scanning, bug-fixes, almost 500 new factory presets, and other new features.

Hive 1.2 is available for a discounted price of 119€ (instead of 149€) until January 20, 2019.

The update is free for users of Hive 1.x. You can download the new version from the product page and install it.

Wavetables in Hive 1.2 are easily selectable as oscillator waveforms and controlled in the Hive hexagon. There are many features available to shape the waveform any way you wish: from manual scanning to modulatable controls. As a plus: a proprietary wavetable scripting language.

This update also includes u-he's new preset browser with tagging support, a new XY section for more performance control with intelligent auto-assignment, new modulation matrix modifiers, VST3 support, and many more improvements.

New features and improvements:

  • New Preset Browser.
  • New Wavetable oscillator.
  • New XY Macro Control with auto-assignment.
  • New Mod Matrix modifiers (Curve, Quantize, Rectify, Slew Limiter).
  • New Mod Matrix modulation depth cross modulation.
  • 489 new factory presets.
  • Added MicroTuning support.
  • Added VST3 support.
  • Pitchbend range now +/−48.
  • New user defined MIDI CC sources replace fixed expression and breath modulation.
  • Control A/B offset feature added (to use XYs instead of user defined MIDI CC sources).
  • Reveal in Finder/Explorer function available for module presets.
  • Plug-in format and OS info displayed in GUI alongside revision number.
  • Mouseover shows parameter values in Data Display.
  • GUI performance improvements on Windows.
  • Init preset can be loaded from Data Display (for Win users: also works via right-click).
  • Increased maximum number of skins from 10 to 20.
  • Improved handling of 14bit MIDI CC assignment.
  • Added UTF-8 support for user registration.
  • Windows installer suggests new default installation location.
  • Windows installer now certified.
  • MacOS High Sierra / Mojave compatibility.
  • Factory presets are tagged now.
  • Volume of factory presets now more consistent.

For more information, please visit the Hive product page.

Twangström is a flexible spring reverb box-of-tricks built around Bazille's spring unit. In Twangström, tanks are based on 'physical modelling'. As opposed to plug-ins using impulse responses (IRs) of actual devices but being limited in expression and manipulation, u-he's approach mimics the actual physics of mechanical reverberation. This is not about reproducing sonic results, but simulating their origin. It's all controllable in real-time, on a per-sample-basis, which boils down to quite some power at your fingertips.

The plug-in is now available in Public Beta through the u-he KVR forums.

You can get your copy here.



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