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Ugo releases M-theory and Disturbance and updates Metallurgy and Ironhead


Ugo has announced the release of two new VST instruments, M-theory and Disturbance, as well as updates to Metallurgy and Ironhead.


M-theoryM-theory is a physical modeling hybrid synth that provides a very wide range of high quality synthetic and hybrid acoustic modeled sounds. M-theory is the successor to the popular String Theory and, in comparison to its predecessor, M-theory is far more flexible and delivers a much higher quality tone, with greater depth, clarity, and character.

The heart of M-theory is it's multi part oscillator system, which allows the user to combine the output two exciters to drive a Karplus-Strong style delay based oscillator. The exciters can be either samples (24 built in, or user loaded), VA oscillators, or noise and each imparts some of its tone to the delay oscillator. Of special note is that even though M-theory can make use of samples it is definitely not a "rompler" since the actual sound of the sample is not retained; only certain characteristics of the tone are passed on to the overall sound. This method makes programming faster and easier while still providing physical modeling flexibility, and allows M-theory to have it's own unique voice rather than that of the sample.

In addition to is flexible multi-part oscillator system, M-theory also provides extensive filtering options (including the option of mixing low, band, high and all pass filters at the same time), dual programmable phrase arpeggiators, six built in effects, and much more. M-theory comes with 320 presets which range from sounds inspired by natural instruments all the way to other-worldly pads and ambiences.


DisturbanceDisturbance is a sample player that is primarily intended for the glitching/mangling of drum loops but it can also be useful with melodic material, vocals, and pretty much anything else you want to feed it. Disturbance can be used to create subtle variations and effects, or it can warp your source material into something completely new.

Disturbance is similar to a slicer, but a bit different. It works by chopping up a loop into 64 equal parts, then sequencing their playback, and each slice in Disturbance has its own loop point. In addition to offering several playback order options, Disturbance also offers sequenced filtering, distortion, pitch shifting, slice length adjustment, several types of playback randomizations, as well as loop point adjustment, dual delays, and non sequenced pitch shifting which can even be set to track MIDI note input, allowing you to turn anything you load into Disturbance into a playable synth oscillator. Additionally, you can even turn off the clock and use your modulation wheel (CC1) to move forwards and backwards through the loop, almost like a wavetable.

Disturbance comes with 64 example/tutorial presets to get you started, as well as 75 bonus loops from the Abstract World Fusion 1 library by Perimeter Sound Arts.

Metallurgy v1.5

New in Metallurgy v1.5:

  • MIDI note control of the Metal pitch/gate.
  • Two new envelope follower destinations: volume and master mix.
  • Pan sequencing (as part of the gate sequencer).
  • Pan control for each filter + pan modulation.
  • Sample and hold for all LFOs.
  • Improved/fixed the LFO waveform lengths.
  • Greatly improve sequencer timing/resets.
  • Two slower settings for all sequencers: 4 and 8 bar.
  • Enhanced GUI visuals.
  • Reset button for the sequencers.
  • Many new presets, raising the total number of included to 512.

Ironhead 1.5

New in Ironhead v1.5:

  • Greatly improved sound and flexibility.
  • New master pitch control for each instrument.
  • Noise control for the Bonks.
  • Drum trigger buttons.
  • Improved kit randomizer.
  • Interface enhancements.
  • 128 new presets.


M-theory, Disturbance, and Ironhead cost $35 each, and Metallurgy costs $20. A bundle with all four is available for $99.

All plugins are in Windows VST format and are available now.



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