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Ugo updates M-theory to v1.1 and releases Dualism v1.0


Ugo has released Dualism v1.0 and updated M-theory to v1.1 - Dualism is a plugin version of the programmable dual phrase arpeggiators and 2X in M-theory, allowing you to use them to control other software and hardware synths. Dualism is included in the 1.1 update so it is also free to all current M-theory owners.

Dualism 1.0

DualismDualism is a plugin version of the dual arpeggiators and 2X MIDI utilities found within M-theory and, as such, provides you with the ability to arpeggiate/double any other synth you wish, including hardware synths.

Combining two flexible and programmable phrase arpeggiators with a pitch and speed controllable MIDI doubler, Dualism allows you to create arpeggiations that are far more complex and detailed than your standard synth arpeggiator. However, all this flexibility is contained within a small and straightforward interface, letting you quickly and comfortably create complex patterns without having to feel slowed down but the UI.

Key Features:

  • Dual programmable phrase arpeggiators.
  • Multiple playback options.
  • Pattern length adjustment for each arp.
  • Latch and arp bypass modes.
  • 2X MIDI note doubler.
  • Internal or external/host clock sync.
  • 128 presets.

M-theory v1.1

The 1.1 update for M-theory is free to current M-theory users and includes a bunch of new features and improvements.

New features:

  • 5 new arp speeds: Slower, Faster, Very Fast, Odd 1, and Odd 2. The latter two provide a kind of offset/odd timed feel.
  • Arp pattern (clock gate) length adjustment. This allows you to set how many steps the clock gate sequencer uses, ranging from 1 (gate full open) to 16. This can be useful for odd time signatures and each arp can be set individually.
  • Arp bypass option when latched. This new bypass feature should be especially handy for people who play/record live (rather than step sequence) since it lets you jam over top of an arp pattern without your having to load another instance of the plugin to do it.
  • Sound quality modes: HQ / LQ. High quality is the default and how it was previously. Low quality mode provides a softer tone which can save some CPU. Basically, what it does is just removes a whole bunch of tonal enhancements from various points in the signal chain. The softer tone definitely can have its uses, but the main reason for it is just in case you really need to shave off a few % from the CPU hit. This setting will be global and will not be saved with presets. This will let you set it once and flip through presets without having to keep changing it. The setting will be saved with your songs though.

Other tweaks, fixes, and slight improvements in clarity:

  • Fixed missing automation for the VA exciter pitch controls.
  • Changed the name of the arp hold to "latch".
  • A few other minor internal improvements. Most of them you may not see the difference in, but they help a few features run just a tiny bit more efficiently. However, one of those changes resulted in the the tone being a little bit brighter, clearer, and a little better defined.

1.0 presets are still compatible with this update, however when loading your own presets (or songs made with 1.0) you will likely get an error message saying something to the effect that data was not found for all parameters. This is only because old presets did not have data for new controls. The presets will still load fine though and you just have to resave them to get rid of that warning message. The banks that come with M-theory are already updated.



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