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UJAM Instruments launches Virtual Bassist plug-in series with three titles

UJAM Instruments

UJAM Instruments has released a new product in their Virtual Bassist series. The newest addition to their portfolio comes in 3 flavors:

  • Royal - all-round, high-end session bass professional.
  • Rowdy - loud-mouthed, rebellious and high energy bassist with bite.
  • Mellow - jazzy acoustic hipster that provides body, texture and a big bottom end.

The Virtual Bassist series is a collection of virtual instrument plug-ins designed to deliver realistic and expressive bass guitar performances for productions. From the bedroom to the scoring stage – every experience level benefits from the reduced interface that provides total control over the included more than 120 styles and 1,350 phrases.

The Virtual Bassists come with two control modes –:

  1. Player mode is designed to give the user easy access. They can set the musical key and input with chords to play and Royal, Rowdy or Mellow acts as a bass player following your instructions, choosing the most appropriate phrases and articulations for your bassline.
  2. The Instrument mode will allow a user to play the keyboard or a MIDI controller to input basslines, using the sample set, including dead notes, full stops, and even slides.

Price: $129 - The bundle price is $269.



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5 January 2019 at 8:03pm

here is the summary of my testing on 3 UJAM bassists.

the early issues with Virtual Bassist sucking tons of RAM and freezing PCs not exactly low-in-RAM are fixed now and it's OK.

the same applies to the problem of moving the blob file on an external HD, that is now possible during a regular installation (even the demo) and it's OK.

BUT I'm not impressed at all by the timbre that is not very exciting for all the 3 basses!
this is odd as in the various demo songs/videos available, the timbre is very cool and rich, so I strongly suspect the dull sound was heavily polished by an expert sound engineer... something conflicting with the claim the bassist can be used by un-skilled musicians.

moreover, after some days of testing I can say the tool has a couple of SEVERE drawbacks:
1 - there is no MIDI out, so if something goes wrong (wrong notes created) you cannot fix
2 - the artificial intelligence feature works on about 2 octaves only, from C3 to C5, not on all octaves as e.g. in Broomstick Bass.

This is a problem when usable octaves of Virtual Bassist conflict with usable octaves of the instrument selected to drive the bassist, that in my case is AAS Strum GS-2.

The result is that I can use ONLY ONE of the 2 Virtual Bassist's usable octaves, and if I'm not careful enough I can easily go out the allowable keys of both tools ruining the recording... that I cannot fix after as the tool has no MIDI out... OUCH.

so, even if I love the articulations and bass-lines of this bassists, I think I'll be stuck on Broomstick Bass unless developers find a workaround, if they are willing doing that.

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