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United Plugins releases Voxessor - all-in-one tool for creating voice-overs - with €100 discount

United Plugins

United Plugins has released Voxessor, an all-in-one tool for creating voice-overs, saying:

Podcasters, broadcasters, audio-books creators or video-makers. Everyone wants their voice sound great with a minimum time spent. That is what Voxessor offers.

Voxessor works in two stages. First - simply choose "how manly or how girly" your character should sound and Voxessor will automatically adjust the EQ accordingly. But you may go even further. Let Voxessor analyze your speaker's voice and match its EQ with what UP sound engineers consider ideal in the category. The job can be done within a few seconds.

Voxessor also features a tunable de-esser and an autovolume function. Also a smart dynamics section with one-knob compressor and gate controls is available. All parameters of the section are set internally, tuned to work with dialogue and voiceover applications.

Intro Discount - 78% Off
is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS (including the new M1 chips equipped machines and Big Sur – as are all United Plugins effects from now on).

The price is set to €129 but you may grab the intro price which gives you €100 off (€29) until January 31.

A 15-days fully working trial version is available.



Discussion: Active
7 January 2021 at 10:33am

I can't get my head around why they labelled the main dial as man --> guy --> woman --> girl. It makes no sense whatsoever as there is no practical difference between 'man' and 'guy'. Should have been boy --> man --> woman --> girl which would represent the differences in vocal timbre throughout the vocal spectrum. Probably another case of not consulting with someone who's first language is English.

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