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Updates available for SynthFont (v1.120), VSTSynthFont (v1.030) and Viena (v0.620)

Kenneth Rundt

Kenneth Rundt has released updates for SynthFont (v1.120), VSTSynthFont (v1.030) and Viena (v0.620), and also released a new Winamp plugin in_aSyFont v1.0.

SynthFont v1.120

New features:

  • ModWheel (CC #1, see bug fixes) now takes its frequency from the SoundFont's VibLFO ('new school') or ModLFO ('old school').
  • Improved scrolling of the Pianoroll while playing. Not good, but improved.
  • Option to turn off the message that says "This SoundFont contains ROM samples and may not render properly".
  • All conversion file formats, MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE and WMA, are now optional. To remove a format you have to remove the supporting library file(s):
    • MP3 - lame_enc.dll.
    • OGG - one of: ogg.dll, vorbis.dll, vorbisenc.dll or vorbisfile.dll.
    • FLAC - flac.exe.
    • APE - MACDll.dll.
    • WMA - WEnc2.ocx.

User interface:

  • Added one more button to the toolbar, "SoundFont File...", as many users did not locate this button (called "File...") in the tracks list header.
  • Changed the name of the "1 Files" page to "1 Files & Folders" and the "4 Tracks" page to "4 Plug & Play".
  • The "Nag" screen has been changed. For unregistered users the policy is this: The screen is no longer displayed before you have used the program 20 times, after which it will be displayed randomly half of the time; and every time after 50 uses.
  • No more warnings for crippled default GM SoundFont when starting up.
  • The default focused control in Pianoroll is now the Markers list and not the horizontal zoom.

Bug fixes:

  • Pitch Wheel (a "Channel Voice" message) and ModWheel (Continuous Controller #1) were not sounding correctly.
  • For some SoundFonts the polyphony voice count would become too high.
  • Some other minor bugs.

VSTSynthFont v1.030

New features:

  • Vib or Mod LFO frequency now also used for CC Mod Wheel. See the Synth page in Options.
  • Option to have 1 output (the normal), 3 outputs (normal + reverb and chorus) or 16 outputs (one for each channel). See the Output page in Options.
  • The choice of using the slower but better method called "Perfect Pitch" is now a track feature.
  • Some speed improvements achieved.

Bug fixes:

  • Buffer overflow when the VST was called rapidly with output buffers smaller than 256 samples.
  • Some dynamic memory pointers were not freed.

Viena v0.620

New features:

  • Use Shift+Left/Right to move quickly to the next/previous cell when editing splits in the table directly.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some bugs reported by Eurekalog.


If you have Winamp 5 installed and want to use it to play MIDI files you can install in_aSyFon (a Dynamic Link Library) in Winamp's"plugin" folder. It will take preference over Winamp's own plugin, in_MIDI.



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