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UVI introduce 'Soul Bass' with special intro offer


UVI has announced the release of Soul Bass, a bass instrument designed with character and creativity at heart. Fusing the best of vintage and modern approaches, Soul Bass delivers a flexible instrument, allowing the blending of a deeply sampled '60s Jazz Bass with a curated selection of synth bass sounds. From stripped-down classic bass and amp rigs to modern genre and cinematic sounds, Soul Bass is a featured, easy-to-use instrument with deep customization, numerous performance controls and keyswitching, built-in effects, a selection of hand-crafted presets and MIDI patterns, and more.

More than the sum of its parts, Soul Bass brings together the new and old to create a truly hybrid bass instrument. On the electronic side recording was done string-by-string, with over 75,000 samples capturing numerous playing techniques including hammer, pull-off, ghost, slide, and harmonic for each of the playing styles, including finger bridge, finger neck, finger mute, pick, and pick mute. Extensive controls allow users to tweak everything from hand position, technique, and play style to nuts-and-bolts control over amplitude, filter, pitch and more. Meanwhile the synth layer offers near-identical control and a 'link' button for matched edits, and includes a massive selection of sounds from our favorite synthesizers, representing analog, FM, physical modelling, vintage digital, and raw waves.

Soul Bass comes loaded with an effect chain including Tube Screamer, Thorus, Phasor, Feedback Compressor, Tone Stack, and the IR-based Convolver. The chain is duplicated for both the electronic and synth layers, each with multiple flavors of delay and reverb available as sends, while a mastering EQ and compressor finish it off. A library of hand-crafted presets is available for exploration, and a sequencer page presents a library of bass patterns that can be played while you adjust your sound, or used in your compositions with further editing made possible via MIDI drag-and-drop.

Soul Bass offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation, providing support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

Soul Bass is available now from UVI with a special introductory price of $59 / 59€ through November 6th, 2022 (regularly $99 / 99€).

Soul Bass is also available with their SonicPass subscription service for $24/24€ a month or $240/240€ annually.







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