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Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.4.2

Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger has been updated to v1.4.2.

Changes in v1.4.2:

  • Fixed a problem with arp notes did ignore legato.
  • Fixed a problem with poly legato split zone load/save.

Changes in v1.4.1:

  • Minor internal changes to fix the crash on preset save.
  • Sorting folder list for multisample import.
  • Fixed a small issue with multisample-conversion for sample-stacker.
  • Fixed a issue with changing chorder-arp presets would stop arp playback.
  • Fixed note-hang issue.
  • Adjusted font-brightness in the fx-section for the vintage skin.

Changes in v 1.4.0:

  • ARP:
    • Added new Arpeggiator module: Chord Mode.
    • Added Per-Note strumming for ARP Chord and Poly mode.
    • Added ARP octave shift-button (or chord interval/variation shift in chord mode).
    • Added selection capabilities to the ARP (hold shift to draw a box and select multiple items).
    • Added copy/paste 1st or 2nd half of an ARP pattern.
    • Added ARP Humanize function (randomly shifts notes positive AND negative in time).
    • ARP: added chord detection as "fixed note mode" where only the base note of a pressed chord is played. Perfect for bass adds to pads or SQs.
    • Fixed an issue with ARP patternmode poly fixed note.
    • Fixed an issue with ARP fixed note octaves parameter not working properly.
    • Fixed an issue with displaying arp pattern modulation in negative direction.
  • Others:
    • Added a new free skin: Vintage Skin for Avenger by SatYa Tunes.
    • Added new FX type: Clipper (Distortion).
    • Added new FX type: VMS Stereo Expander.
    • Added new FX type: VMS Stereo Shifter.
    • Improved UNDO for removing a FX from a send slot, which could affect OSC/Drums routing.
    • Changed OSC-soundbrowser preview. its playing 1sec with a single click, if the file is longer, hold the mouse button to preview longer than 1sec.
    • Added scrolling target texts in the mod matrix when the text is longer than the textbox.
    • Fixed a issue with noise-phase lock when using a lower noise-sample rate.
    • Fixed an issue with tempo-update in the Trancegate.
    • Fixed an issue with PitchBend and value mapping.
    • Fixed some memory leaks related to VMAN.
    • Fixed a crash when GUI vanished after initializing the preset (very rare).
    • OSC Transpose dial has a improved scale when using the mouse-wheel. Now changes 12 semitones or 1 semitone when using shift mouse-wheel.
    • GRANULAR: added "Convert To Granular" to context on the Granular-Sample display. Right-click to open the context. File will be loaded automatically to the OSC after conversion. This is only available on User-Samples, when the source-file is available.
    • The minigame "MIDIWARS", which was exclusively in the 8/16-bit XPs is now available for everyone.
    • Also updated Factory Content to R5. Hundreds of new presets for ARP (chord mode), FX chains, Mod Env, FX, etc.
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