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Venomode releases Maximal 2 - Loudness maximiser with tape/tube saturation


Venomode has released Maximal 2, a loudness maximiser, featuring a lookahead peak limiter with adaptive release and analogue modelled saturation. Maximal 2 takes the limiter section of Maximal, and adds 3 new modes: loud, tape and tube.

The analogue modeled tape and tube saturation modes are designed to encompass all the best parts of the analogue world, without all the bad parts - such as high-frequency roll-off, hiss, wow and flutter.

The adaptive release technology, lets a user set the limiter to be fast and loud, or slow and transparent, and to catch rampant peaks in an audio recording.

Maximal features 4 operating modes:

  • Clean: The clean mode uses a multi-stage peak limiter, with advanced lookahead and intelligent response.
  • Loud: The loud mode takes the 'Clean' limiter, and adds a variable state soft-clip and peak compressor stage before the final limiting.
  • Tape: The tape mode extends the 'Loud' mode, adding an analogue modelled tape saturation stage before clipping and limiting. Tape saturation creates a warm and thick sound, and can be used on everything from single tracks, to whole mixes.
  • Tube: The tube mode extends the 'Loud' mode, adding an analogue modelled tube saturation stage before clipping and limiting. Tube saturation is ideal for single tracks such as bass and drums, to add a bit of warmth to a track.

Price: £29 from the Venomode Website. Maximal 2 is a free upgrade for existing Maximal users.



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