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Vienna Symphonic Library releases Vienna MIR Pro 3D

Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

The Vienna Symphonic Library has released Vienna MIR Pro 3D, the third generation of the company's Multi-Impulse Response convolution technology. The new version of Vienna's holistic mixing and reverberation engine offers a multitude of improvements and new features including 3rd Order Ambisonics, 3D audio support, 3D positioning of instruments and virtual microphones, and gorgeous 3D graphics. All six previously existing MIR RoomPacks have been upgraded to Third Order Ambisonics as well and are now available as 3D versions.

Here's what else they say:

Vienna MIR Pro 3D is a holistic mixing and reverberation application based on Vienna's groundbreaking Multi Impulse Response Convolution technology. Not just virtual instruments, but any audio signal can be authentically placed in a "multi-sampled" room using the unique MIR Icon, making it exceptionally easy for the user to combine all aspects of placement and reverberation into a single intuitive workflow.

As opposed to traditional mixing, where countless parameters create a barrier between the music creator and the desired outcome, Vienna MIR Pro 3D offers an entirely new spatial concept, allowing the user to interact with the players more like a conductor than an engineer. Instead of using two-dimensional faders, pan pots, pre-delays, and a host of other inconveniences to achieve clarity and depth in a mix, the MIR Control Icon lets users easily place any audio signal in a three-dimensional room and control almost any sonic aspect quickly and intuitively. Parameters such as volume, stereo width, 3D direction and dry/wet signal ratio can be accessed directly in the MIR Icon.

New features of Vienna MIR Pro 3D include:

  • Full 3D Audio Support: Vienna MIR Pro 3D provides output options for a wide range of applications, from stereo and surround to mixes ready for binaural and Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and even "raw" Ambisonics. Instruments, virtual microphones and microphone capsules can be moved around in a fluid three-dimensional space and rotated and tilted in any direction.
  • 3rd Order Ambisonics: Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) is used throughout the entire signal path. It guarantees for a better, more natural sound with improved spatial enveloping and localization. All existing RoomPack venues have been upscaled to HOA by means of a proprietary process developed at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics - IEM of the University of Graz, one of the worldwide hotspots of Ambisonics research.
  • Tabbed Venues: Multiple rooms or even different setups of the same room can be used side-by-side. Instruments and entire orchestras can be drag-and-dropped from one hall to the other.
  • New Preset Management: A wealth of factory presets makes it easy to switch setups instantly, to mix-and-match selected instruments by using the concept of "Roles" for individual sound sources, and to set up entire orchestras using pre-configured Venue Presets.
  • Upmixing: Vienna MIR Pro 3D can be used as a simple yet sophisticated tool to create immersive mixes from stereo sources.

Intro Price: Vienna MIR Pro 3D is currently available at an introductory price of $758 (reg. $812). Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24) with a limitation of 24 instruments, ensembles and audio signals that can be placed on its virtual stages is available at $354 (reg. $387).

Upgrade paths from the previous versions Vienna MIR Pro and Vienna MIR Pro 24 are available, starting at $82. Customers receive one free MIR 3D RoomPack of their choice when they purchase Vienna MIR Pro 3D or Vienna MIR Pro 3D (24).



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