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VirHarmonic announces "Bohemian Violin" - Virtual Performer for the UVI Workstation


VirHarmonic has announced the Bohemian Violin, part of their "Soul Capture Series" that is designed to allow composers to just play on the piano and enjoy a violinist performance.

Due to amount of bow types and samples recorded, VirHarmonic have developed a Virtual Performer to handle the articulation and bow selections for the composer as they play. This allows the composer to concentrate on playing and being inspired in a similar fashion as they would be inspired by working with a real violinist.

The current version of Bohemian Violin offers 2 types of Arcs each with 2 dynamic layers and 2 unique round robin repetitions per bow type, making it capable of 16 possible bow movements per note on Arcs and Mid Arcs alone.

The Bohemian Violin also has 3 true dynamics on Sustains with 2 to 3 round robins per each bow on each sustain, adding further 14 variations on each note with real dynamics to choose from. In addition there are 3 dynamics of Diminuendos going all the way to p- ppp with 2 round robin repetition and their spiccatos which have 4 repetitions per bow and per one of the 3 dynamic layers.

The Bohemian Violin also features VirHarmonic's pizzicato which can be tested and heard in the violin freebie. Each of these articulations can be forced on the engine using an assignable force key giving the user the added control over the performer should they choose to adjust the engines behaviour.

Price: 149€ + VAT if applicable. There is a 99€ (+ VAT if applicable) pre-order price. The expected release date 24th December 2015.





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