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Wallander Instruments has updated the Windows version and released the Mac OS X AU and VST versions of the WIVI Universal Player which means that WIVI Brass 1 is now also available for Mac OS X (priced at $599). Demo versions are available.

With this release, the player and instruments have been updated with a number of new features:

  • The Tone/Timbre panel has been updated with:
    • MIDI CC shift. This can be used to control formant shift of the instruments through a MIDI CC.
    • Tone compression. This parameter boosts or reduces the level of the lower dynamics of the instrument. This can be used to even out the instrument levels, while preserving the timbre changes.
  • The polyphonic mode editor has been updated with:
    • Key priority. This can now be set to high or low. If set to low, the instrument will begin counting voices of a chord from the bottom note instead of the top note. The retrigger notes editor enables last key priority in monophonic mode. In practice, this means that you now can perform a trill by holding a key, pressing another key repeatedly. This functionality is now ON by default. Please note that this parameter only affects the instruments in monophonic mode, as polyphonic mode uses high/low key priority.
  • The key attack speed editor has been updated with:
    • Velocity range. This can be used to increase or decrease the velocity impact on instrument attacks.
  • A new randomizer editor has been added with:
    • Randomize timing. This can be used to randomize the timing of NOTE ON/NOTE OFF events.
    • Randomize pitch. This can be used to randomize the pitch of repeated notes.
  • The breath data editor can now also set the max value and compression on a NOTE-BY-NOTE basis. So it's now possible to fine-tune the dynamic response of each key on an instrument.
  • Volume and panning can now be controlled using MIDI controllers.
  • The new pitch bend alignment editor can be used to alter the behavior of pitch bend. Normally, the pitch bend executes a normal pitch bend, but when pitch bend alignment is activated, pitch bend will instead trigger other notes. This can be used, for instance, to access quarter tones using pitch bend (or any other note division), but also to get more erratic behavior. Please note that this feature set to OFF by default, and must be activated/configured. This feature is found at the very bottom of the Control parameters panel.


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