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NAMM 2013Wave Arts releases AAX versions of All Plug-ins

Wave Arts

Wave Arts has announced the release of its entire plug-in line-up in Avid's AAX format. All plug-ins will support AAX Native while TrackPlug, MultiDynamics and FinalPlug will also run in DSP mode.

Demos and purchases are now available, see their Downloads and Store pages for more information, as well as updated Product pages. The AAX plug-in licenses and demos are handled via iLok.

AAX pricing and upgrades

The AAX plug-ins use PACE iLok licensing, and are separately purchased from Wave Arts existing native plug-ins. AAX Native plugs are priced the same as the existing Native format. If you already own Wave Arts Native plug-ins you can upgrade to AAX Native format for a fee of 10% of the retail price. Customers who bought plug-ins from June 1, 2012 to Jan 13, 2013 are entitled to free AAX Native upgrade of those plug-ins. Finally, new customers that want both Native and AAX Native formats can buy both for the price of the Native format plus a 10% crossgrade charge for AAX Native.

TrackPlug, MultiDynamics, and FinalPlug are available in AAX DSP format (which can also run in Native mode), for $249 each. The upgrade from AAX Native to AAX DSP is $100 per plug-in, or $250 for all three. Therefore, existing Native owners can upgrade a single plug-in to AAX DSP format for $114.90 (10% AAX Native upgrade plus $100 for AAX DSP upgrade). Existing Power Suite owners can upgrade to AAX Native for $49.90, or upgrade to AAX DSP for $299.

AAX DSP configurations

TrackPlug AAX DSP comes in three configurations. The full configuration provides all features (realtime spectrum analysis is only available when running AAX Native format). The E7GC configuration provides a 7-band EQ, gate and compressor. The E7C configuration provides a 7-band EQ and compressor. At 48 kHz sampling rate, you can run 3 stereo instances of the full configuration per DSP chip, 6 stereo instances of E7GC, and 7 stereo instances of E7C.

MultiDynamics AAX DSP also has three configurations: the full 6-band configuration, plus a 3-band and 4-band configuration. The reduced band configurations let you squeeze more processing from your DSP when you don't need the flexibility of so many bands. At 48 Khz, you can run 3 stereo instances of the full configuration or 4-band configuration per DSP chip, and 4 stereo instances of the 3-band configuration.

FinalPlug AAX DSP comes with two configurations. The full configuration provides all features, while the Limit configuration provides just the limiter section. At 48 kHz, you can run 4 stereo instances of the full configuration, and 17 stereo instances of the Limit only configuration.

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