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Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves Electric 200 Piano, an addition to its expanding line of virtual instruments. Electric 200 is a precise sampling of two classic 200-model electric pianos, as featured on legendary songs by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Queen. The plugin features studio-quality effects, compressor, limiter and an amp.

Waves says Electric 200 captures the bite, bark and punchy reed tone of the electric piano model used on classic recordings by music giants from Ray Charles, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and many more. Sampled from two individual instruments, each with its own distinct tone, Electric 200 gives users the flexibility to create classic and adventurous sounds in rock, jazz, R&B and electronic music. It is designed to deliver the human touch that is so essential when sampling tonally complex analog instruments. Users can mix in the sound of the internal piano mechanisms.

The included effects offer an array of versatility in just a few knobs. You can use the phaser for a classic '70s stomp pedal sound, add the reverb for natural spatial placement within the mix, or jam live with the intuitive controls for smooth modulation effects.

Price: $69 (Intro offer: $39).


Introducing the Waves Electric 200 Piano Plugin: youtu.be/ZmQ-n1xfgdY

Waves Electric 200 Piano Virtual Instrument Demo: youtu.be/A-lk2RvMNdk



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