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WaveShaper releases two Drum Sample Packs: "Soul Sisters Trio" & "MR10 Grey Matter"

WaveShaper has released two new drum sample packs: "Soul Sisters Trio" gathers the sound of rare and vintage drum machines into a single convenient package, while "MR10 : Grey Matter" captures the vibe of a small-sized drum machine from the 80s.

MR-10 | Grey Matter

The MR-10 is a compact analogue drum machine from the early 80s. This tiny grey box has a rather characteristic sound, with a deep kick and a quite unique snare. The tone knob lets you shape the sound of the kit, and it is very efficient on the toms and snare. It sounds 100% analogue, but not like the usual suspects, so this carefully recorded WaveShaper pack will fit in any of your music productions, from electro pop to doom exotica.

Great care has been taken to keep the original sound alive and kicking with a high headroom, but some subtle tube coloring and compression assures you to make this kit sound unique.

The pro kit gathers 5 tone variations from each of the 7 individual sounds, in stereo, 24-bit / 48khz wav files. It costs $1.40.

The free kit lets you play with one full sample kit (7 sounds, mono, 16-bit / 44.1khz wav files).

SoundCloud Demo

Soul Sisters Pack

This pack introduces you to 3 drum machines built at the same time. These three small retro boxes are sometimes considered as clones, but they each have their unique character and a different sound.

  • The Boss DR-55 features a rimshot and a tone control. It was used by a bunch of artists in the past decades for its signature sound.
  • The Soundmaster SR-88 has a very delicate, soft, analogue sound and is perfect for electro tracks or sweet retro songs.
  • The Amdek RMK-100 is the rarest of the bunch. It was built by Roland and sold as a DIY project, which makes it very hard to find. The sound is the rawest of the three, and the hi-hats are a gem for any acid and electro lover.

They were recorded through a custom chain of gentle tube compression and a tube preamp. Several takes were recorded in order to capture the subtle analogue variations of each sound. Any round-robin able sampler will love to be fed by these analogue sounds.

  • The pro kit costs $4.90 and gathers 57 samples (48khz / 24-bit stereo Wav files).
  • The nasty pack contains more than 170 samples and costs $6.90.
  • The free kit contains some samples from the 3 drum machines (17 samples, 44.1khz / 16-bit mono Wav files).

SoundCloud DR55 Demo
SoundCloud Amdek SR88 Demo
SoundCloud SR88 Demo

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