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Westgatesounds releases Anomaly XXVIII - NightScapes


Westgatesounds has released Anomaly XXVIII - NightScapes, continuing the experiment begun in Anomaly XXVII - Dark Textures - mixing the sources together.

Anomaly XXVIII takes the 50 unprocessed sources of Anomaly XXIII and mixes them with the fifty paired, unprocessed sources of Dream States Vol. 1 and Dream Stares 2 Vol. 2. There are 45 paired sounds - each pair has one instance with no vox and one instance with vocals. Each sound is 40 seconds long, looped. SFZ/WAV version - 90 new sound files in SFZ/WAV format, 593 MB.

Instrument presets:

  • Anomaly VSTi: 90 instrument presets.
  • Wusik V6/V7: 90 instrument presets.
  • Wusik V9: 90 instrument presets.
  • Kontakt V5 and up: 90 .nki instrument presets.
  • Dimension Pro: 90 instrument presets.
  • Rapture: 90 instrument presets.
  • sforzando: 90 instrument presets.
  • TX16Wx: 90 .txperf and 90 txprog instrument presets.

Price: $18.

Audio demos are available.



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