Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio

Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has released WoodStepper 3.0, a major update of its audio/MIDI sequencer/sampler which can now also be used as a synthesizer.

New features:

  • Each sequencer can be switched to synth mode both for VCO sources and the sample loop sources. The steps can then be used to have parameter automation along the bar(s) played.
  • The VCO synth can be set to para-polyphonic mode (sending notes 2&3 to VCOs 2&3), which allows a maximum of 12 voices.
  • The global polyphonic mode (between the 4 sequencers/synths) allows a maximum of 4 full polyphonic voices.
  • Synth mode also works when the sequencer is not running (new Advanced setting).
  • New Start Sequencer mode: a MIDI note received in a specified range, starts the sequencer.
  • Each sequencer/synth can set the range of receiving notes (allows for up to 4 split keyboard regions).
  • Samples (synth and sequencer) have new play back modes: random start, random slice, random reverse.
  • Samples now have a "1 shot" setting (avoids repeating when the number of samples is smaller than the step time in sequencer mode or holding the key in synth mode).
  • Samples can now be loaded from file (.wav, .aif, .caf, etc.). Sample files should be in the folder "samples" in the iCloud WoodStepper folder.
  • In sequencer mode an offset can be set to select a part of the file (when the file duration is larger than the step time).
  • Presets now have a "Made By" and comment field.


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