Wusik 2019 Group Buy Deal

December 20, 2019

Wusik has announced what it says is its biggest group buy deal ever. It starts at $29.95 USD, which includes several products.

This GB Deal ends on December 20th. Note that some products will be released around late December, March and July of 2020.

Number of User and Rewards:

  • Over 100: Wusik Station V9 + V10 Update (when released, late December).
  • Over 200: Wusik JP99 (a new VA Synth, more details below, to be released around March 2020).
  • Over 250: Wusik DLooper, Wusik ZR and Wusik 8008.
  • Over 300: Wusik EVE V5 and Wusik PR82 (new Performance Product to be released around January 2020).
  • Over 350: Wusik SEQ1 (Wavesequencer synth to be released around July 2020).
  • Over 400: Wusik One, Wusik X42, Wusik P2000 and Wusik SQ200.


  • Group-Buy Price for New Users: $ 49.95 USD.
  • Upgrade Price for those who owns at least one product: $ 39.95 USD.
  • Upgrade Price for those who owns everything already: $ 29.95 USD.

How this GB works

You pay the price to enter the GB and wait until the end of the GB to receive the goods. Some are pre-orders, as they are not released yet, but by the time the GB ends some will be done and released.

WilliamK of Wusik says "I have done several GBs before and they all have great exposure, so it should be safe to say that we will max this one out too. The last one was around 2016, so it has been a while. Also, the most important thing is to spread the word around this GB deal so it gets more exposure and we reach the max number of users. This GB sale is Final, so keep that in mind, no refunds will be done if we don't reach over the max number of users. Also, be sure to test the Demonstration versions of the products that are already released before you enter this GB. Once you have purchased the GB deal from the site you will receive an empty Download URL. This will be filled when the GB ends, and only for the already released products. If we are over 100 users, you will receive, right away, the released products for that tier. If we are over 200, 300 and so on, you will also receive any released products for those tiers."



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