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Wusik 4000 updated to v1.0.6


Wusik has released a new version of Wusik 4000 adding new modules, new features and more presets. They also updated the Wusik 4000 Demonstration with all the new features + new presets.

New Modules:

New Features / Updates:

  • Three new skins by ArtVera (click the W4000 logo and select skins). Now the Silver Rack is the Default skin, while the previous Default Blue is still there, under Skins/Blue.
  • New White skin, based on the Wusik Station White Skin.
  • Added ProTools AAX plugin support (they are in a separated folder and must be installed manually).
  • Sample Player: added new option: Velocity to Layer Fade - this is used by the new HQ Grand Piano sounds which are not part of the Wusik 4000 sound collection, check our site for details on how to purchase it: www.wusik.com/hqgrandpiano
  • Several New Presets added to the following folder: EDT.
  • Added an extra stereo output channel that can be used on surround-mix. Keep in mind that some hosts does not support multi outputs. Each layer now have a Send O2 (Send to secondary output) option that works as a balance of O1 ~ O2.
  • Changed Modulation Sequencer Polyphonic output description to show Polyphonic instead of Monophonic.
  • Renamed Master Layer to Global Layer.
  • New option: Always Show Global - On by default. Click the W logo to open the global-context-menu and disable it. Now Global options will always display at the top, until selected otherwise from the global-context-menu.
  • New option: Sample Player Auto-Normalize - On by default. Click the W logo to open the global-context-menu and disable it.
  • Global Master Volume can go up to 6db Boost now.
  • The size of the GUI will now stay the same while you hide/show the Treeview.
  • Updated the installer to always replace modules.
  • Added support for Wusik 8000 skins, making the skin format Wusik 4000 & 8000 compatible. Wusik 4000 skins that are also Wusik 8000 compatible will display on Wusik 8000 skin list, while the others won't. Soon we will release the first Wusik 8000 Beta and start working on it and release more information about skin-changes for Wusik 8000 x Wusik 4000.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed sustain-pedal problems with hanging notes.


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