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Wusik releases Wusik Station v8.0.0


Wusik has finally released Wusik Station 8, which they say is actually a new product, rather than just an upgrade.

Why is this a new product?
Wusik Station 8 was re-coded from the ground-up, using code from Wusik 4000 & 8000, resulting in modern cross-platform native code.

Wusik Station is now Windows and Mac OS X compatible; VST/AU 32- and 64-bit versions are supplied.

What has changed on V8?:

  • Cross platform: Windows and Mac OS X (possibly Linux too, later this year): This alone may not seem much, but it is, most of the work will be recoding the project so it can use modern cross-platform code instead of the current code.
  • Multi Line Graphical Envelopes (*).
  • New Filter Types, including a custom user filter script type (*).
  • "Unlimited" number of parallel filters per layer.
  • "Unlimited" number of chained effects per layer insert and per master sends (2 in total).
  • "Unlimited" number of Mod Envelopes and LFOs.
  • Better Wavesequencing style (*).
  • Audio Looper layer, which samples any incoming audio signal and let you play like an instrument (*).
  • Multi Layer with the option to select the type of layer:
    • Sample Player.
    • Wave Sequencer.
    • Drawable OSC.
    • Super OSC.
    • 3 OSC (with Noise generator).
    • Audio Looper.
    • Groove Sequencer (not included yet).
  • Per Layer ARP and also a Master ARP.
  • 16 Steps Polyphonic Sequencer per layer, to be used as a Modulation Source on the Mod Matrix.
  • Per Layer Key Switching and Sticky Keys options.
  • Per Layer Modulation Matrix.
  • New Interface and Skin.

(*) borrowed from Wusik 4000 & 8000 code.

Upgrades start at $34.95 and the full version is currently $64.95.

For more information, free demo downloads, videos and songs, visit the product page at: www.wusik.com/ww/products/wusik-station-v8



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