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Wusik updates Wusik 4000 to V1.0.4


Wusik has released a new version of Wusik 4000 adding several new modules and new features, a new installer and more presets.

They also updated the Wusik 4000 Demonstration with all the new features + new presets.

New Modules:

  • Effect Module: Studio Reverb - based on the MVerb open-source code. It has more options and better sound compared to the Basic Reverb.
  • Sound Generator: Super OSC - Multi Poly Unison with Saw / Pulse waveforms, stereo spread and volume spread.
  • Modulation: Poly Mono - Converts Polyphonic Input into Monophonic Output. The Peak Hold option allows Paraphonic output. We also included Paraphonic Test presets under the Showcase preset folder.
  • Modulation: Switch - you can select from up to 4 inputs that are switched to the output, with special options such as fade from one input to another and also add inputs fading from one another.
  • Modulation: Gate - every new note (gate) will produce a new output based on the rate value and will hold this value until a new note is sent (polyphonic). A Gate Test preset was added to the Showcase folder, demonstration a Stereo PingPong effect that can be done with this module.
  • Modulation: Combiner - with Add, Subs and Mult options, plus Min, Max and Amount. You can combine up to 3 modulation inputs to a single output (monophonic).
  • Modulation: Logic - this module will compare two values and enable/disable the input to output depending on the mode and result of the operation (monophonic).
  • New Features / Updates:
  • New Wusik Installer / Manager - cross-platform. This will speed up the install / update process.
  • Several new presets by Westgate and other users. (thank you guys!).
  • New presets contributed by Rastislav Vejo: OB 8000 folder.
  • New presets contributed by Niels Visser: Nielzie folder.
  • New user skin created by Odo.
  • Added a new parameter to the ADSR envelope: Clip - this will drive and clip the output (off by default).
  • Added a warning message to the Sample Player when editing layer's zones.
  • Updated the Key Switch module with a Mode option: Switch, Toggle and Hold. By default no notes will play until you send the right key number.
  • Updated all Envelopes and the following modulation modules with an Amount parameter: MIDI CC and Multi Line LFO.
  • Updated some default values which can be changed by clicking in the Wusik (W) logo: Idle timeout = 8 seconds, Module Loading Confirmation = Disabled, Show Preset Details = Disabled (right click on a preset filename to show the details).
  • Added Playback Mode to the Sample Player, plus Force Loop, Force One Shot and Force Normalize options (all saved per sound layer in the preset).
  • Updated the Sample Player volume so it can go up to 6db (does not affect previous presets, but check out the normalize option above).
  • Changed the data folder structure for sounds, used by the Sample Player and Drawable OSC. The Wusik Installer will take care of this by default, just hit Ok when it asks about this and all is good. If you want to handle this manually, hit Cancel, the installer will still install files, them you need to move files around yourself. All files from the Modules Extras\Sample Player and Drawable OSC will now go into \SoundSets instead and the Sub-Folders Sample Player and Drawable OSC is no longer used. So, if you have "wusik 4000 data/modules extras/sample player/some sounds" it will be "wusik 4000 data/soundsets/some sounds" instead.
  • New code for the TreeView browser you can see on the right. Now you can browse all files: modules, presets and sounds too. It also let you browse the Wusik Station sounds directly and it also features an User folder, for things like extra SFZ and samples. You can browse WAV/AIFF files too using the new code and load up into the Sample Player and Drawable OSC directly. The previous systems still works.
  • Updated the Sample Player to show the SFZ Import Error List when something bad happens while loading up SFZ files.
  • Updated the TreeView browser so it will re-load files when clicking on the same file again (it still warns about preset-changes before loading anything).
  • Updated the TreeView adding SoundSet searching and improving the Preset searching.
  • Added a new Free (run) parameter to all OSCs, On by Default.
  • Added a new Phase parameter to all OSCs. This is used when the Free (run) parameter above is not selected, and either a new note is produced or the Sync input is used.
  • Updated all poly filters to process only one voice when Unison is set, therefore lowering CPU usage by 10~25% on Unison patches.
  • All poly filters updated with feedback + delay options. Check out the presets: Showcasing/Filter Feedback Test ...
  • New Layer option: Layer Mode: Add, Mult, Subs. This will change how all Sound Generators (OSC) are summed together before applying filters. We added two very simple examples on the Showcasing folder: Additive ... and Subtractive ...
  • LFO Modulation updated with a Fast option. When selected, the Multiply will go up to 28000 instead of just 1000.
  • The context menu no longer opens on any mouse click, only on right-click (on MAC Ctrl+Click).
  • White Noise Generator - Added Volume option.
  • Added Bypass option to all modules. Click the Module Name to open the menu to see the option, or Shift-Click on the Module Name to Bypass directly. You can also Bypass the whole layer by doing it on the first module.
  • Drawable OSC and Sample Player: added "Open Menu" label to the interface. Clicking anywhere without moving the mouse will open the menu, this label is just a reminder that there is a hidden menu.
  • Added a new option to the Module SDK: kSpecialLoadCallback (used by the SamplePlayer while browsing waveforms with the next/previous buttons). Plus some other internal flags for the Synthesis Type. Previous modules will load up correctly even if not compiled with the latest SDK (we used the flags system to avoid breaking module-format).
  • When opening the plugin and no data path is found, you can browse the location and it will be store as mentioned above, and the plugin will work right away, no longer needing to re-start manually.
  • Removed the "click here to validate" code (no longer needed).
  • Optimized several Sound Generators Modules with SSE: Sample Player, Single OSC, Dual OSC, Combo OSC and Drawable OSC (nearly 30% CPU usage drop on several presets).
  • Optimized all Poly Filters with SSE, processing voices in blocks of 4 (nearly 60% CPU usage drop on several presets).
  • Sample Player updated: new option: Load File - browse a new file to replace the current layer sound. Is just like deleting the current layer and adding a new one.
  • Important: the Module SDK was changed, so all modules must be recompiled. Be sure to be using the latest DATA files for this beta. The new and delete operators now supports 16-bit align data for SSE support.
  • New code to store the location of the data folder.
  • On MAC: ~/Library/Preferences/com.Wusik.Wusik4000.plist.
  • On Windows Registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wusik\Wusik 4000\Data Path.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Updated the Unison code for all Sound Generators, now it sounds correct.
  • Fixed a problem when unloading modules that has Macros.
  • Fixed a problem with Ableton Live (Host/Sequencer) resetting the last changed parameter.
  • Fixed a problem with the MIDI CC module invert output.
  • Fixed a voice allocation bug with the Multi Line Envelope.
  • Fixed a small glitch in the TreeView while loading files.
  • Fixed voice allocation problems with the Sample Player.
  • Fixed a small glitch in the Sample Player while using the TreeView to load new samples.
  • Fixed a problem with the WetDry option in the Multi Filter Poly 48db mode.
  • Sample Player: fixed a problem when using the next/previous sound browser.
  • Fixed several problems with older Mac OS X and PC Windows versions, specially OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows XP.
  • Fixed several problems with the Wusik Installer that would make it not run on older systems (same situation as above).
  • Fixed a problem with parallel filters processing.
  • Fixed a problem with stereo sounds.
  • Fixed a problem loading up project/song data (specially for Live and Logic).
  • Fixed a problem with hanging notes (specially when using sequenced MIDI modules).
  • Minor fixes to the GUI Skin Engine.
  • Product Name, Description and Version Number now shows up correctly in the VST/AU manager.


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