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Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.8.2 and Wusik VM to v1.2.4


Wusik has updated Wusikstation to v5.8.2. Both Demonstration and Full versions have been updated (regular and WS GBox). Wusik VM (VST Manager) has also been updated (to v1.2.4) to be compatible with Wusik Station V5.


  • New Feature: Preview-Preset. In a previous update we forgot to mention this new feature (it was there already, but we forgot to add to the list). When turning this ON, when you load the preset the first time, it loads only a portion of the key-zones. Clicking to load it again will force to load the entire set. This is only useful with large sets like PRIZM and the Maestro-Piano (File-Browser -> Other Options -> Preview Preset).
  • Added: clicking once in the Tune knob will open an Octave selector.
  • Added: Transpose - Groove Sequencer (G.Seq) right click on any presets lane. This will affect all melodic lanes (note mode).
  • Added: animated keyboard, Left Click + Control Key = Hold Note. Right Click = Velocity by Y Position.
  • Added: master vibrato Sine/Triangle waveform and speed parameters. The tools option for the mod-matrix was also updated.
  • Changed: new interpolated AMP envelope code. Improved sound for using quick Attack, Decay and Release.
  • Changed: G.Seq (Groove Box Sequencer) External Sync, Global Tempo, Sequencer PAge and Current Steps Page (E.Sync, G.BPM, Sequences and Steps-Page) are now saved per Project, not preset.
  • Changed: Micro-Tuning (TUN Files) is now saved per project, no longer per preset.
  • Changed: fine-tune any parameter by holding the shift key (or the middle mouse button with no shift).
  • Changed: added menu options for Pitch-Bend, Midi-Channel (master and layer) and Master-Transpose parameters.
  • Changed: removed the auto-sort when adding something to the modulation-matrix. Added new options to organize: add below, add above, delete. If you want two modulations to go to the same destination, you must add those one after the other. So you can select the extra options: multiply, merge, ...
  • Changed: the animated-keyboard key-zones now follows the Master Octave/Transpose and the Layer Transpose (Tune).
  • Changed: better Unison code (before it was out of tune).
  • Changed: clicking in the LFO waveform switches to the selected waveform (before you had to click, hold and drag).
  • Changed: selecting LFO to Amplitude makes the LFO range go from -1 to +1, instead of 0 to +1. Setting Min to 70 makes it default to 0 to +1 when required. This doesn't affect older presets, as they default to 0 to +1.
  • Fixed: when loading a soundset, it tries to load several types before searching for a file (WusikSND, DASHsnd, SFZ and WAV).
  • Fixed: when exporting a SFZ file, the path location of the WAV files are now saved in the SAMPLE= opcode. Before it was using the following unsupported opcode "<GROUP> Default_Path".
  • Fixed: problem on changing the "Tune" Knob while playing a note.
  • Fixed: problem with older skins crashing the engine (skins without the keyboard-display).
  • Fixed: problem with the Groove Box Sequencer (G.Seq) and External Sync (E.Sync).
  • Fixed: missing WaveSequencerEditor tool-tips, and wrong/missing tool-tips on some parameters since a previous V5 update (file-browser, xy pad, ...).
  • Fixed: couldn't set a mod-matrix destination FX to other lanes than the first one.
  • Fixed: clicks when playing back stereo WAV files. Also editing of stereo WAV files in the integrated sample-editor.
  • Fixed: crash when selecting "FX Preset" from the file-browser while having no Effect loaded in the FX1 slot.
  • Fixed: problem with loading SFZ files. When pitch_keycenter is not set for a <region>, it should default to key 60 (before it wasn't).
  • Fixed: loading multi-velocity sounds wouldn't show the zones correctly in the animated-keyboard. Now it shows the first velocity-zone it finds.
  • Fixed: the internal sample-editor no longer follow the layer-pitch (Tune/Fine/Modulations).
  • Fixed: LFO depth problems when using pitch/fine/amplitude destination.

Wusik VM changes:

  • Fixed a problem with VST plug-ins that have audio-input and outputs MIDI.


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