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Xhun Audio has updated IronAxe to version 1.8, bringing a wide range of improvements, introducing several features and bug fixes and making IronAxe even closer to be cross-platform compatible.

This is one of the most complete IronAxe updates ever, because it brings a widely improved Excitation Engine, Pickups Modeling, Pitch Bending Engine and many fixes that registered users asked for.

Changes in IronAxe v1.8:

  • A massive low-level code replacement: IronAxe is now 95% ready for cross-platform compatibility.
  • The Excitation Engine has been updated to version 2.0: this brings greater realism over the strings vibration process and to the whole simulation accuracy. Excitator materials are also more accurately represented, everything accessible through the same user-friendly GUI.
  • In the Excitation Engine it is now possible to adjust the Finger Release noise amount (the interaction of a finger leaving a vibrating sting).
  • The Pickups Modeling (for Single Coil, Humbucker, Steel Plate) has been seriously improved, featuring even more accurate frequency responses, clipping, and simulating pickups interactions with the Electric Guitars' Tone knobs.
  • The Pitch Bending Engine has been updated to version 2.0: now it is possible to simulate both a "Whammy Bar" or a "Finger Slide" action, with an extended range that goes from +-1 up to +-7 semitones. For all the details, check out the user manual.
  • The Pitch Bending "note retrig issue" has been fixed.
  • The Pitch Bending is now properly linked on the GUI side.
  • The Damping Detune Compensation Engine has been updated to version 2.0.
  • The Distortion and Overdrive Stomps have been slightly improved.
  • The 3-band Equalizer Rack Effect has been improved.
  • All Factory Presets/Banks have been updated.
  • All the additional "KeyPerformer-ready" presets have been embedded into the main soundbank. They are labeled with the suffix "[KP]". The "[KP]" labeled presets simply represent a specific electric guitar's setting (selecting the proper plectrum material, picking position, etc. - and the same is for the FX, Stomps, Cabinets, etc.) and they are especially designed to be a quick way to perform strums, power chords, palm-muted chords and chunks, etc. through the KeyPerformer Engine. Just load a "[KP]" labeled preset, select "KeyPerformer" as Input Mode and start performing true-to-life phrases without the hassle of setting each parameter manually.
  • The product installer has also been updated.

IronAxe version 1.8 is available now for download from Xhun Audio website. This update is free of charge for all registered users.



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