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XILS-lab releases "LX122" and "LX122 Premium" Rotary Speaker Effect Plug-ins (Win & Mac; VST, AU & RTAS)

XILS-lab has announced the availability of its new LX122 and LX122 Premium rotary speaker effect plug-ins.

LX122 (39€) and LX122 Premium (69€) are Mac OS X and Windows compatible (VST, AU & RTAS Pro Tools 7.0 or later) rotary speaker emulation plug-ins, both featuring XILS-lab's proprietary True Stereo Dynamic Engine (TSDE), offering a new way to record rotary speaker effects.

Core Modules features:

  • One finely emulated rotary speaker, treble output in a rotating Horn, bass output in a rotating drum.
  • True Stereo Dynamic Engine (TSDE) places the cabinet in a room, from which it is recorded by two microphones.
  • Three Reverb types, to give even more space to your recordings.
  • Slow to Fast mode buttons, MIDI controllable to play with the inertia.
  • Tube amplifier emulation.

Settings for LX122:

  • The speed of the Horn and the Drum can be tweaked at your convenience.
  • The reverb time and frequency response are easily adjusted.
  • A high pass filter before the reverb to avoid blurry sounds when organists are doing fool with their feet.
  • The angle of the recording microphone can be changed, adding more or less room effects.
  • A drive parameter help you to get more heavy rock sounds.

LX122 Premium parameters (what Premium brings you):

  • Rooms can be changed, from an obvious "No Room" position to a "Complex" one, adding even more stereo and space feelings.
  • Microphones can be moved independently in all the rooms, with an easy stereo balance feature.
  • Not only one cabinet is available, you can build your unit with or without the Horn or with or without the Drum.
  • You can change the Horn diameter (you can't do that in the real world).
  • Do you know that the Drum is driven by a belt? Obviously, time is not kind to belts and the LX122 Premium allows you to control the stretch of the belt, emulating age.
  • In most of the real units, the drum is turning clockwise while the horn is turning counter-clockwise. This can also be changed and the selector can be modeled so that it changes randomly.
  • Balance control between horn and drum.
  • On a real unit, the horn has a small metal part that spreads the high frequencies in all directions, giving a more mellow sound. But some players wanted a more "straight in your face" effect and they removed it. You can do this with the LX122 Premium.
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