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Paid VST Plugins and VST3 Plugins for Windows, tagged as Audio to MIDI, MIDI, MIDI Arp, MIDI Arpeggiator, MIDI CC, MIDI Chorder, MIDI Chords effect, MIDI Clock, MIDI Controllers, MIDI Effect, MIDI File Viewer/Player/Repairer, MIDI Files, MIDI FX / Utility, MIDI Generator, MIDI Host, MIDI Instrument, MIDI Interface, Midi Keyboard, Midi Keyswitcher, MIDI Learn, MIDI LFO, MIDI LFO Generator, MIDI Loop Workstation, MIDI Looper, MIDI Mapper, MIDI Mapping Composition Tool, MIDI Matrix, MIDI Melodies, MIDI Monitor, MIDI Multi Effect, MIDI Note Generator, MIDI Note Hold, MIDI Patterns, MIDI Processor, MIDI Router, MIDI Scripting, MIDI Sequence Generator, MIDI Tool, MIDI Touch, MIDI Utility, MIDI Utility / Monitor, Polyrhythmic sequencer or Software MIDI controller. The results are sorted by date added (newest first). You can amend the search above.

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