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drzewo Swierk

Subtractive Synth Plugin by Saltline

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Richard Semper
for drzewo Swierk [Show all for]
by RichardSemper [Show all by] on 14 July 2014
Downloaded: 137 times
Just 8 patches, 4x from scratch 3x modified factory presets and 1x modified from JP Oakwood set, all as used in my entry for One-Synth Challenge June 2014 (with a lot of added reverb)
All my 21 patches i used for the Rotation 21 in the OSC 64 + an extra of 4 patches i found interesting.

Please have in you mind: i do a massive layering of the patches in the track (i.e. the bass would be played sometimes with 7 instances of the bass patches High Bass, Ultravox, KW 2 and other).

Have fun with the patches and make new things :)
psmacmur - OSC 64 patches
for drzewo Swierk [Show all for]
by psmacmur [Show all by] on 4 July 2014
Downloaded: 155 times
All the patches I made for my Swierk OSC 64 track "Plastik Animalz". Some of these are meant to be layered, and all need fx to sound right, but hopefully they prove helpful!
for drzewo Swierk [Show all for]
by artao [Show all by] on 1 July 2014
Downloaded: 157 times
35 presets for you to have fun with. I tried to make some more unique sounds, as meat and potatoes sounds have already been done, rather well.
Make sure to try the mod-wheel with all but the percussion sounds.
Speaking of percussion, note that the Hat sound is closed hat if you hold down the key, and open hat if you tap the key. This may not be obvious at first, so I figured I'd point it out.
Enjoy!! :D
Swierk for OSC 64
for drzewo Swierk [Show all for]
by pmj_rit [Show all by] on 1 July 2014
Downloaded: 127 times
I was looking for a way to init voices in Swierk but could not find it so this is a zip of FXP files, not a bank.

There are a couple here that started from Kraftraum's patches. Some of the others probably started from existing presets too. The Rain one sounds vaguely fluid or watery but has to be eq'd, delayed and reverbed to make more like the real thing.
J.Ruegg Bank for Swierk
for drzewo Swierk [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 1 July 2014
Downloaded: 164 times
53 Sounds designed during the KVR One Synth Challenge 64.
I make a update for all used presets in my track Rotation 19 to Swierk 1.10

Have fun and play with it:)
18 presets i used with the Swierk Synth for my track Rotation 19 (http://soundcloud.com/kraftraum/kraftraum-rotation-19-collab) in the KVR OSC #60
+ an extra of 7 presets. Allmost all of the presets are new and not found in my other packages.

Enjoy the patches and have fun todo new things with it:)

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