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DSPplug beat

Sample Based Multi Instrument Plugin by King Oz Records
No Longer Available

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There are no news items relating to DSPplug beat yet.

Comments & Discussion for King Oz Records DSPplug beat

Discussion: Active
25 August 2020 at 11:52am

This seems cool. I wanted to try it, but apparently your software is only for good people? Humor...

25 August 2020 at 9:07pm

Yes better convert to androidism then.

30 August 2020 at 2:16pm

Well, I mean you could but then you'd first need to be "converted" I've heard the process is messy, just saying.

30 August 2020 at 2:15pm

Hmm, yes sort of good is sort of good too :). I just get tired of hard work being repaid by misery is all. But I get it; there's a lot of misery to go around. I guess it's easy to forget that most of us who are serious spent years wasting time on free software that had fawlty promises, and I have a lot of things to change in My products; but DSPplug is still some ahead of the curve, and that comes down to My maturity as both a developer and a producer. By actually using My own software in productions; I begin to realize that there is often unforeseen issues; shoirtcomings I hadn't expected. And that's the difference I guess. Most companies are just making the next new thing instead of second guessing themsleves.

Good programming doesn't come from humility, it comes from: "Produce, Produce, and Produce".

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