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Synth (Hybrid) Plugin by Tone2 Audiosoftware

Electra2 has an average user rating of 5.00 from 3 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Electra2

Reviewed By Chipi [read all by] on 23rd November 2020
Version reviewed: 2.7.5 on Windows
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This synthesizer sounds better than synthesizers that cost 5 times more and I can get huge sounds better than from a Yamaha Montage or a Korg Kronos that you can barely visualize the display and navigating between editing pages is terribly difficult. With Electra v2.7 everything is on the plate served in front of me.

Impressive editing menu designed with criteria and knowledge of what the modern musician needs from a great synthesizer.

Version 2.7 has greatly improved the quality and audio of this great synthesizer. The four independent layers that can be grouped together creating warm and analogous sounds is impressive.

Hopefully they can improve somewhat the process of uploading samples and edit it with some window that can be detached from the original interface, and also improve the process of saving sounds as I have lost many that once saved when you 'upload' do not sound, simply dumb/silent/no sound, I think it must be a glitch or bug somewhere in the chain of saving under Windows 10.

Everything is on one page making sound creation simple and fast. It has a taste of analog but also a professional polished sound that makes it unique. Highly recommended.

Reviewed By quilys [read all by] on 2nd June 2018
Version reviewed: 2.6 on Windows.
Last edited by quilys on 3rd June 2018.
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♦ The Tone2 Electra2 is the sound designer's dream! It is probably the most complete synth I've ever seen. Four layers of synths, with three oscillators, two filters, four LFOs, four EG's, an ARP/Step Sequencer, an insert Fx on each layer, plus a master Fx slot. So, imagine stacking the four layers one on top of the other, and get a beast of twelve oscillators, eight Filters, four Independent ARPs/Step sequencers, four FXs, and a master FX on top of that! Wow.

♦ There are tons of synths out here these days, and which you gravitate to will really depend on how you like to work and your personal taste.Me, I like something that sounds great, is powerful, but no too complicated to use, tweak, and navigate. Electra2 hits each of those desires with ease. You don't have to be a scientist to use this synth and get a great sound, and to me that's a really powerful quality to have in a synth.

♦ Fourteen different type of synthesis can be used on any layer and/or oscillators. Pressing the Init button in the third row of main general interface will give you a drop down menu with all types of synthesis, allowing you to set it for all three oscillators at once. Later you can change that on any individual oscillator. We have almost all known old and modern synthesis modes along with one new unique one that Tone 2 added for this synthesizer: a Noise/Fractal mode. We even have good-old PWM and physical modeling for concocting some interesting hybrids between acoustic instruments and synthesized ones. Add to that the ability to import samples or to resynthesize wave and you have pretty powerful beast, especially considering that Electra 2 is very CPU friendly even with all four layers at work using different synthesis models, samples, vocoder or any other effect.

♦ This is a very powerful workhorse synth, with a distinctive fat, modern & creamy sound and a great palette of well-designed presets. There are all the synthesis modes that you can imagine, powerful sampler suitable for synthesis and a great array of implemented effects with dual fatty analog–digital filters. Add to that the user-friendly price, and you've got a summer-spring winner. It is not the power of different elements that makes this synthesizer so special; it is the unique character that can bring something new into your production, no matter how many synths or sounds you already have. We don't need just another synthesizer, we need something warm & fresh. And this one is definitively a modern, creamy, fat, analog & fresh sounding beast .

Reviewed By CLAMM [read all by] on 5th December 2015
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows
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Best damn synth plugin out there, and I have tried a whole lot of them.

First of all (and most important) sounds frigging GREAT.

Did I say it sounds.....GREAT?

For analog emulation--great. Old Moog? Yes. Old Arp? Yes. Old Roland? You bet.

For digital/dance--GREAT.

For hip hop, single Osc, grunge, GREAT.

For Kraftwerk sequence/arpeggio, GREAT.

Even the Vocoder sounds GREAT.

When was the last time a synth plug in did that for you?

And it takes almost no CPU. How did they do it?

And it's very well and thoughtfully laid out.

Run don't walk and buy this VST. Borrow the money from your mom. Steal it from the donation plate at your church. God will understand! From the blind guy down the street. No I don't work for Tone2, I don't know any of them and have no affiliation, but I think these guys ought to win the Nobel prize. It's that damn good.

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