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Geosonics ft. Chris Watson

Soundscape Generator Plugin by Soniccouture

Comments & Discussion for Soniccouture Geosonics ft. Chris Watson

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29 April 2014 at 2:18am

This is a very special Kontakt library, simply apart from anything else you may imagine. It gives me endless possibilities to create incredible sounds from a wide field recordings selection (top quality stuff indeed), a very special (and usable!!) selection of tonal samples, and an interface that is very accurate and flexible. The only thing I miss is a solo switch, that could be really useful while creating sounds in the three layer structure available on the UI.

Each one of the samples of the wide, high quality selection of field recordings is available individually, or mapped per categories along the keyboard; everything loops seamlessly, and many of the samples are long enough to avoid boring repetitions; all convolution reverbs are very well suited to enhance this special section of sounds. I could never ever have the possibility to record myself such a peculiar and intriguing collection of sounds, though I do make a lot of field recording, but I cannot travel around the world and spend days and days to record in so many special locations.

All the sounds I created (though there are many beautiful factory patches, made by those amazing sound designers listed above) are fascinating, deep, evolving, atmospheric, hypnotizing... very helpful when you need to give that special character to images. I work with soundtracks for theater and documentaries, so this was an excellent way to expand my palette, and I definitely did not waste a single dime with Geosonics.

Sir Francis
Sir Francis
28 July 2014 at 5:24am

I'm not articulate enough to say how amazing Geosonics is. If you like to make ambient, drony, (and as the earlier review mentioned - evolving, atmospheric) stuff this is the best. Truly you can't run out of ideas or sounds (AND you can throw in your own FX to exponentially increase the possibilites). I wish I was 20 so I could have decades playing with this.

My tastes run to early industrial/punk/postpunk/new wave etc. For instance Cabaret Voltaire to old school ambient such as Eno. (and lots of stuff in between)

Ironically, Chris Watson was involved in both Geosonics AND Cabaret Voltaire. Amazing fellow. I'm a bit of a hoarder and will purchase affordable Kontakt libraries on a whim. I have Komplete 9 (and earlier versions) all the LPX plug ins, Arturia box, Korg Legacy etc. And I have to say Geosonics is very possibly my favourite thing in my little studio. Might be fun to combine this with Iris. Probably the results will be very weird and unlistenable (except to me) but that's most of the fun.

Thanks Chris & SC.

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