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HoRNet AutoGain Pro

21,99 €

HoRNet AutoGain Pro has an average user rating of 4.50 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for HoRNet AutoGain Pro

Reviewed By syndicat [read all by] on March 29th, 2015
Version reviewed: 10.10 on Mac

HorNet Pro offers some really usable tools for very fair prices / value and offers more flexibility then i.e. WAVES vocal and bass rider.

But for me i just can give 9 points because of lack of AAX64 (Pro Tools 64-bit) which is a industry standard and using the plugin in an adapter like BlueCat is not the same fast workflow as with a native one. So HorNet: PLEASE add AAX64 support in the future - will buy / use some more of your plugs then. ß)

Reviewed By nicksohn [read all by] on March 29th, 2015
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows.
Last edited by nicksohn on 9th April 2015.

When I bought this plugin, It works weirdly. It turned out that there is some issue.

But After some talking via several mail with developer, I got the "works-properly" version.

Thanks, Saverio. His support is pretty good, I think.

Anyway, I tested it.

It works perfectly in good way, and there are so many option so that I can tune my setting.

Simply, I think it is better than any others in the market. (EDIT: Sorry I didn't know there is a rule)

But only price is quiet affordable.

I think i'm going to buy some other plugins from Saverio. Maybe compressor..

anyway.. keep going Hornet.

Thank you.


Reviewed By timothys_monster [read all by] on March 1st, 2014
Version reviewed: 7/64 on Windows

Works pretty well for me! The first time I used AutoGain was on a classical recording because the near placed cembalo mic didn't fit well in the mix. The thing is that I had to increase the volume of that mic more than the mics of the other instruments (strings). So there were a lot of balancing issues between the main stereo mics and the cembalo mic.

I tried using expanders but as I'm not that experienced in using expanders the results were rather frustrating.

So I ended up putting AutoGain on the cembalo track and fed it with the signal of the main M/S-mics. That did the job! The cembalo finally had the same dynamic response as the rest of the instruments.

With this experience in mind I upgraded to the Pro version and am really happy with my decision. I like to feed vocal tracks with a white noise and use the RMS mode with less than 6dB boost/attenuation. And it's nice to have the automation envelope written in my DAW, so I can easily adjust the behaviour afterwards.

I give it a 10/10 because the plugin actually does what the developer promises, because it's very cheap in comparison to the Waves' ones and last but not least because of the frustrating-free copy protection policy :)

Reviewed By throwfirewoodatme [read all by] on February 3rd, 2014
Version reviewed: 10.9.1 on Mac

Hello all, the only reason I am giving this a 9 is that I have been using the demo version while I wait for my full product license to be "hand delivered via email". The only limitation of the demo is that it mutes out now and again.

This plug is perfect and a serious competitor for the Waves equivalent auto riders. I have side chained a pretty dynamic vocal to an acoustic guitar accompaniment and switched to Peak mode (rather than the default and smooth RMS mode), this thing is transparent as far as I can tell. Levels that vocal out perfectly and smoothly. Not a single concern, gripe or criticism right now.

Except that I need to wait for that "hand delivery" ;)

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