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Hyperion Synth has an average user rating of 4.88 from 8 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Hyperion Synth

Reviewed By thesublibrarian [read all by] on April 11th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.25 on Mac

Great synth. The sound quality of the pure oscillators is great but when you throw in wavesequencing oscillators, fm oscillators samples and per voice granulation...well things just get out of hand awesome;).

I've always had fun the modular approach, and this to me is the 'right' way to do a modern UI for a modular concept (though I also like what Madrona Labs does). It provides all the satisfaction of connecting virtual cables but without any unnecessary clutter or (still way to common) skeuomorphic design. It's clean, easy to see whats happening, and infinitely organizable.

Because of this modular design this synth is also an absolute power house - any particular patch can be as packed full of modulators and oscillators and effects as your cp you can handle, AND you can have multiple layers of patches. The sound design is already limitless - and the developer is quite active regularly updating and expanding the synth. If you own it - you know. If you don't own it, I suggest you get yourself 'experienced' :).

Reviewed By ThisBruceSmith [read all by] on March 25th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.25 on Windows

I've been composing music on electronic instruments for my own enjoyment since the 1980s and started doing stock music about ten years ago. I was looking for new sound inspirations a couple of years back when I came on Hyperion Synth.

Coming from the perspective of a composer, I wanted a tool that would allow me access to lots of aural potential without spending a lot of time tweaking settings. Although Hyperion offers you the opportunity to get as "lost in the weeds" of sound design as you might like, you don't have to. Paul, the developer, has provided a tremendous library of patches and "combis" (multi-patch instruments) suitable for multiple genres. He also includes "init" patches, which give you a head start in creating various kinds of sounds.

And how various those sounds are! I would argue that most of the history of electronic music is represented somewhere in this product. Over the course of my life, I've had the pleasure of owning a Roland Alpha Juno-2, a Yamaha DX keyboard (FM synthesis) and an Ensoniq sample-based instrument. Sounds from all these traditions, and more, are possible using Hyperion Synth; best of all, it's software based.

These days I like to create soundscapes with lush ambient washes and Hyperion provides lots of that. However, you can also create fat leads, weird SFX, biting pianos, and so on. I would dare to say its potential is limited only by your own imagination.

Reviewed By Peter Mican [read all by] on March 24th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.25 on Windows

This is a fantastic synth, sounds incredible, and has endless options for creating awesome sounds.

The developer listens to his crowd and is working permanently on this product, updates are coming out frequently to increase the awesome features even more.

It's lightweight on the CPU too...

Don't miss that out, HYPERION is a MUST have;-).

Thank you for creating this fantastic software, nothing comparable out there.

Reviewed By J1000 [read all by] on March 29th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

It looks promising, but after very little testing none of the presets impressed me. Karplus-strong algorithm is weak, others are standard fare. Many of them are clean sounding, but also very quiet and thin. GUI is well organized, but the weakest point for me was the actual modular part. It wasn't intuitive, more mouse clicks and drags then necessary are needed. Too nerdy and inspiration-blocking. Modules are missing some elementary functions.

This instrument could be great, but at the moment it needs much more improvement, both soundwise and workflow. Comparing it to Falcon, as other user did, is just not fair. It's almost three times more expensive and I may add - rightfully. Falcon is a highly mature and polished instrument, Hyperion is still a alpha-state newbie, no contest there in my opinion.

Reviewed By diasporah7 [read all by] on March 28th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by diasporah7 on 28th March 2021.


Had my eye on Tracktion as a company for quite sometime and I really dig how they publish other devs work. They are also very brilliant in their choices to back stuff (Spacecraft, Airwindows, Waverazor).

Hyperion is a 100 headed dragon with no frills. You will get decent results just scratching the surface with no modular skill at all or you can basically get your Cyberpunk 2077 on and nerd out on the routings, capabilities and the sound. OH MY GOD the sound. Thats truly one of its strong points. It screams and is light as feather for less complex patches. I went to buy UVI's Falcon as I was looking for a playground to dig into sound design. Right before I pulled the trigger it was like the angels of Virtual Instrument heaven intervened with a email update from Tracktion that something called "Hyperion" was released. I clicked the link, downloaded the demo, Heard about 15 patches, looked at all the components and instabought. If I had to do a comparison I would say its like Audulus and Plouge bidule had a baby but Waveform was the surrogate mother.

10/10 Does not disappoint! and its only version 1.0, The thought of people supporting this product would warm my heart, because that means faster updates;).

Reviewed By PierreG [read all by] on March 28th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by PierreG on 28th March 2021.

Being a relative newbie to using synthesis in my composition work, I was apprehensive regarding Hyperion's modular approach, which indeed offers a rich environment for developing incredible patches, with my concern being that I'd be overwhelmed and distracted by a steep learning curve. What I've discovered is that the existing library of patches offers immediate inspiration and productivity. Better yet, tweaking these patches has been much friendlier than I'd expected, thus I'm finding great success and satisfaction in tweaking whats' already there, which simultaneously teaches me more about modular design.

Hyperion has been really solid on my very minimal Windows laptop while using it in Waveform 11.5. I'm also surprised how CPU friendly it is with complex patches. I can overwhelm my system with Hyperion's more complex patches, yet I find that I can par them down in those scenarios and still manage to obtain fantastic sound quality, with plenty of complexity to draw from.

I'm more and more enjoying creating generative audio, as well as experimenting with effects, both of which Hyperion facilitates very well. It's a blast building patches with the modules and seeing what comes from my less than fully informed modular design knowledge. So far, Hyperion has been very forgiving of my relative ignorance of modular wiring / design, which further encourages my exploration of it's immense array of capabilities.

Grateful for this amazing instrument, and very much looking forward to Hyperion's continuing evolution.

Reviewed By Triptec [read all by] on March 27th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Triptec on 27th March 2021.

Modular Synth with lots of possibilities! I am impressed how it sounds while beeing very CPU friendly.
Can't wait to see where this new synth goes with future updates.

Reviewed By c0nsilience [read all by] on March 27th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac.
Last edited by c0nsilience on 27th March 2021.

Immensely powerful with very low CPU usage = a winning combination. Virtual modulars are nothing new. They've been around awhile now. Hyperion is innovative. Polyphony and layers are a game-changer. The interface is intuitive and the sound rivals many hardware synths. I'm completely impressed and this is version 1.0. I cannot wait to see how much more refined and better this awesome synth gets in the future.

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