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Synthesizer Workstation Plugin by Tone2 Audiosoftware

KVR Audio news items relating to Icarus2

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Tone2 releases TrapNBass soundset for Icarus202 Jul 2021Tone2 releases Dark Vibes soundset for Icarus207 May 2021Touch The Universe releases "Heavenly Flights" Soundset for Tone 2 Icarus21 Oct 2020Tone2 releases soundset-bundles for their synthesizers02 Oct 2020Tone2 releases Big-Room & EDM soundset for Icarus207 Aug 2020Tone2 releases Sparkle soundset for Icarus201 May 2020Tone2 releases the 'Top of the Charts' soundset for Icarus01 Mar 2019Patchpool releases Elevation for Tone2 Icarus05 Oct 2018Bjulin Waves releases Core06 "Dark Matter" soundset for Tone2 Icarus with 20% Off Intro Offer04 Oct 2018Tone2 releases the Atmos Infinity Soundset for Icarus07 Sep 2018Tone2 releases "Black Music" soundset for Icarus03 Aug 2018Tone2 releases the Vocals & Chops soundset for Icarus04 May 2018Tone2 releases Wavetable Expansion for Icarus02 Mar 2018Tone2 releases FutureElements soundset for Icarus05 Jan 2018Tone2 releases Ascension soundset for Icarus05 May 2017VSP releases "Dream Pads" for Tone2 Icarus26 Mar 2017Tone2 releases Trance & EDM soundset for Icarus03 Feb 2017Tone2 releases SpaceTrip soundset for Icarus02 Dec 2016Tone2 releases the Detonator Soundset for Icarus18 Nov 2016Wagsrfm releases sound library for Tone 2 Icarus14 Nov 2016Tone2 releases Psychophonia for Icarus30 Sep 2016Tone2 releases The Electronix Soundset for Icarus04 Sep 2016Sound And Inspirations releases Synth Invasion for Tone 2 Icarus Vol. 116 Aug 2016

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