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Generative Music Composer Plugin by soundpiece
Free for 7 days

inspire has an average user rating of 3.33 from 3 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for inspire

Reviewed By MyzterE [read all by] on October 19th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2 on Mac.
Last edited by MyzterE on 19th October 2020.

Hey KVR, .

I do want to be the first to say BRAVO for the Inspire Vst!! The felling that you get once it's fully understood that this is actually Ai building these MIDI notes or WAV patterns together l...and once used I just know I was gonna be hooked for hours.. I hope you all know that you all built a Beautiful Gem as this is the Absolute Future!! Few people have seen any program that actually CREATES MIDI Notes quickly. I think there are only tiny needs that could be a bit better as the issue comes from the space added to the computer after playing a few days, and simply not loving the sample until about 3rd or 4 one in. After a few days or a week...it really did start a bit much...I think an old USED/RETRY Tab can be added to keep on the so user doesn't have to to create a new folder for possible unheard samples/Midi. I also wanted to visually see the new changes with inspire. Either way, this VST is the ABSLUTE BEST I have!!!! I literally enjoyed playing with this as i have reviewed hundreds of virtual instruments, but this one WAAAYYYY different from anything i had ever imagined and it actually STILL blowing my mind, as AI has taken over in a GREAT Way!!! When playing with you you seem to smile as to think, that melody sounds AMAZING!!the Choruses are SPOT ON. Its even Trully amazing to hear a drum section flop out, only for me to easily drag and drop into my Daw was SUPER EASY!!! And even the sounds are not bad for sampled keys as I found myself jamming a few times totally by myself...hahah!! It actually made me feel like a kid in the Candy shop as I was to not much but how to use this VST to the fullest of capabilities!!! There are a few different VST's they may be like this one, but not many at all as this is the future of music making i think and Producer whether at home, or whether in a big studio, So many possibilities with this one!!!! I do find myself thinking if there is a way to pick from which MIDI output's that Inspire stops on.. this could be resolved with a control nob that can manually, move the patternes, or again some just simply trust the little tiny Ai dudes! May need to also be added so the user actually has a bit of control with the AI. May still have to a few things to it, but i found myself almost satisfied with everything it was able to quickly be entered in and saved in to daw with no issues. I loved this piece of "ThenFuture". Whatever you guys got going back there, its really working as this was just short if Amazing !!!this program is very easy to learn but understood why the may kept as the musicians favorite tool when "beat blocks" form, as this will totally be some help for that issue we all faced those issues before. Never again as the is genuine love.. Keep on rocking guys as always a fan and a friend!!!.

Please feel free to get ahold of me to explain anything further as I want to be able to follow the success of this VST as thank you again for Dropping a BEAUTIFUL AND SLEEK VST my way!! Keep them coming !! KVR never ceases to amaze me with Amazing product that actually sounds Amazing and yet Comfortable!!! Plus I do enjoy the changing of views within this program as this will fit a room or area with multiple sized monitors.

Ryan Bauman.


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