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Electric Piano Plugin by GSi
No Longer Available

MrRay has an average user rating of 4.00 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for MrRay

Reviewed By 3mph [read all by] on June 2nd, 2008
Version reviewed: 2.2 on Windows
This is by far the best rhodes-plugin I've tried so far. Because the sound is generated it acts very well to changes in velocity (unlike other sample-based plugins). The sound itself is rich and warm and ressembles a rhode very well, espcially in the mid-region. Deeper regions tends to "growl" in a unatural manner if you hit it hard.

You have control over almost every aspect of the modelling proces, including pickup placement and hammer-adjustment (yep, you can actually hear the hammers!). As a bonus, it has built-in insert-effects that sounds good and are commonly used with rhodes (wahwah, tremolo, distortion ect.).

I haven't had any stability-issues, and it works well for live performance with very low latency.

I recommend all people, who are consider to spend money for at rhodes-simulator to try this first. Personly I use this over Scarbee, EVP and Lizard. It can be used for free, but being donation-ware, you'll be presented with a nag-screen when you start it (it disappears quickly though).
Reviewed By learjeff [read all by] on December 20th, 2004
Version reviewed: 2.1 on Windows
MrRay is a handy little softsynth for epiano sounds. It's packaged as a VSTi plugin, with a standalone player included.

While it's main purpose is to simulate a Fender Rhodes, I find the sound inauthentic and unsuitable for my style, although I know many others who like it. For the Rhodes sound, I'd give this softsynth a 6. However, I recently played a prototype for the immanent next version (2.2), and it's great; I'll talk about that in another review.

The Wurlitzer sound is as good as or better than any free or cheap soundfont I've heard, nicely dynamic, and lots of fun to play.

It also has an "FM" epiano sound.

The sound is based on a physical model, and many of the parameters are adjustable. This gives MrRay a lot of flexibility to be fine-tuned to fit your playing style. In addition, there are built-in effects such as distortion, chorus, auto-wah, streo delay, and tremolo (including stereo tremolo, which is particularly nice with epianos).

This softsynth is very efficient and barely moves the CPU meter on my 1.8 GHz P4.

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