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Pitch Shift Plugin by NGUYEN.Chung

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Comments & Discussion for NGUYEN.Chung pitch_shift_chungVST

Discussion: Active
18 April 2020 at 7:30am

Has anyone gotten this running? It gives some instructions in the readme that I don't understand. It is 32-bit and in my host it just loads a no-gui interface with a gain slider and that's it. The readme says the following but I have yet to figure it out.


plugininit : your init sub
startpluginmain : start your gui window edit
closepluginmain : called to close the gui window edit
mypluginproc : called as sample=mypluginproc(sample) in the audio loop.

the dlls can be written in freebasic or any dll compatible language (c++, VBasic, ...), giving you
easy access to high level languages features (file access, gui windows, graghics).

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