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Soulful Chord Machine 2

MIDI Chords effect by Soulful Keys

Comments & Discussion for Soulful Keys Soulful Chord Machine 2

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Bliss 253
Bliss 253
30 December 2019 at 3:01pm

I purchased this the other day for use in my full latest version of Kontakt. I'm using Reason 11 for my DAW. Everything as far as the software loaded up just fine after my initial purchase. Reading through the directions however, it's extremely vague and does not break down how to connect all your necessary MIDI and audio connections for other DAWs out here. I can load up the Soulful Chord Machine on its own in Reason and it uploads just fine. Same goes with Kontakt. However connecting this chord generator to other sounds to actually hear what the chord generator can do is where I hit road blocks. There's nothing in the instructions I noticed to help resolve this. I've looked into and tried all combinations possible to get audio and there's still nothing. MIDI seems to show on the keys and in MIDI signals as I have one of the KOMPLETE controllers. I'm pretty sure also that 1 of the 2 only videos out there on YouTube about this specific generator, someone had said there weren't any sounds in this chord generator. That's fine I have no issues with that. I already have other chord generators I use. Does anyone else out here run into the same problem with this Soulful Chord Machine? I really would love to get use out of my investment as so far it's just another download I cannot use. So far this has been the only Kontakt plug-in I cannot go forth and use. Any and help help would be great. Peace and blessings✌️✌️.

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