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Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS

Symphonic Elements Plugin by UJAM Instruments

Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS

Reviewed By tchibo08 [read all by] on December 12th, 2020
Version reviewed: on Windows

This one sounds great. Very fast results. 8 bars string orchestra in this quality take you an hour or more with a conventional library, but only if you really know what you're doing. With Striiiings, it takes you 1-2 minutes. Yes you are limited to the delivered patterns, but there's quite a lot of them, so nearly always you find one that fits.

No showstoppers found. Two things that could be improved IMHO, though:

1. Striiiings can do sus2/sus4 chords, and it can do major or minor chords with a different bass note, but it can't do minor sept chords. So C major with A as bass note is possible, and Am with a G as bass note is possible, but Am7 with E in bass is not.

2. Some a little noisy samples and some click or bow noises at the start of some samples, what is not nice if they repeat each time the same chord is triggered. Apart from that, the samples are very lively and from soft to dramatic anything's possible.

When checking out the demo, please note that your mod wheel works vice-versa compared to most other string instruments. If you don't use it, you get maximum loudness and drama. If you use it, the sound gets softer and nearly filigree the more you push it. Little request: A switch would be nice to make the mod wheel work like the others do if one likes.

I remember when the same guys created Virtual Guitarist 2 ~15 years ago, it quickly became a standard for all places where fast and good quality guitar results were important and budget was low (especially radio and TV commercials, TV series, even some pop/rock productions). This is the first UJAM product since then that I am sure of it will get the same status within a few months. You are gonna listen to radio trailers, commercial spots, TV shows, and you'll find Striiiings all over the place.

Striiiings simply sounds too good, and although most samples are really clean, it has the real amount of 'dirt' in its sound to make modern 'plastic like productions' really come alive. Some samples seem a bit too compressed and in-your-face, but most of us would do this anyway in a pop-like production, and Striiings surely is not the product to compose your next classical symphony.

Great stuff, congrats UJAM.

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