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Symphonic Orchestra Silver

Strings / Orchestral Plugin by EastWest
No Longer Available

KVR Audio news items relating to Symphonic Orchestra Silver

EastWest releases PLAY 513 Sep 2016An Interview with Doug Rogers: Taking advantage of the shift from Ownership to Loanership08 Apr 2016Congratulations to the Winner of the KVR Audio EastWest Giveaway19 Nov 2015EastWest Offers Free Trial and Streamlined Pricing for Composer Cloud Subscribers18 Aug 2015EastWest Launches Composer Cloud Subscription Model15 Apr 2015EastWest updates PLAY to v3.0.3729 Jun 2012EastWest Offers 50% Off QL Orchestra and QL Pianos and offers chance to win a fully licensed Terapack valued at $7,19920 Mar 2012East West - Crossing from creating content to creating applications16 Feb 2012EastWest updates many PLAY-powered products08 Nov 2011EastWest updates PLAY to v3.0.2513 Oct 2011EastWest releases PLAY 3 Software Update14 Jul 2011EastWest updates PLAY Software to v2.1.1 (incl. Symphonic Choirs "WordBuilder Inside PLAY" upgrade)04 Jan 2011EastWest announces Rocktober Special (Save 53% on any 3 EW/QL Virtual Instruments)14 Oct 2010EastWest announces the TeraPack Trial Program06 Sep 2010EastWest updates PLAY to v2.0.810 May 2010EastWest releases EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Free (Play Edition)07 Jan 2010EastWest updates EWQLSO Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus to v1.0.428 Sep 2009EastWest announces Composers Contest for 200924 Sep 2009EastWest launches 'Buy One Get one Free' Worldwide Promotion of PLAY products21 May 2009EastWest updates EWQLSO Platinum to v1.0.1 and Symphonic Choirs to v1.0.121 Apr 2009EastWest updates PLAY Software to v1.2.303 Apr 2009EastWest announces the EastWest/Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collection PLAY Edition01 Apr 2009EastWest updates PLAY Software to v1.2.013 Mar 2009EastWest announces PLAY Pro (Formerly PLAY 2.0)06 Feb 2009EastWest updates PLAY (1) to v1.1.13 and QL Voices of Passion to v1.0.522 Jan 2009EastWest updates Symphonic Orchestra to v1.0.2 and Goliath to v1.0.618 Dec 2008EastWest launches Super Holiday Sale11 Dec 2008EastWest updates PLAY to v1.1.609 Dec 2008EastWest updates PLAY to v1.1.003 [!! UPDATE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!]18 Nov 2008EastWest launches PLAY "Buy One Get one Free" Worldwide Promotion12 Sep 2008EastWest updates Play to v1.0.083 and EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra to v1.0.119 Aug 2008EastWest updates PLAY to v1.0.08031 Jul 2008EastWest updates PLAY Software to v1.0.07917 Jul 2008EastWest/Quantum Leap Play-Powered Symphonic Orchestra to be released July 15th25 Jun 2008EastWest upgrades Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra with PLAY Sample Engine17 Jan 2008EastWest's Free* PLAY upgrades and current product discounts to end October 31 (+PLAY updates)04 Oct 2007EastWest offers discounts on EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra and Composer Bundles (Save up to 67%)19 Jul 2007East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra PRO XP Upgrades now 50% OFF14 Mar 2007East West / Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Pro XP Upgrade Group Buy launched21 Feb 2007EWQLSO Pro XP (Silver, Gold & Platinum) Now Available on Receptor19 Dec 2006EastWest Sounds Online 18th Birthday Special Offers08 Mar 2006EWQLSO Silver/Platinum, RA & Symphonic Choirs now on Receptor17 Nov 2005EW/QL releases EWQLSO Professional XP (Expansions)14 Nov 2005EastWest / NI Kompakt v1.08 updates available21 Jul 2005EastWest launches Stormdrum Group Buy and EWQLSO half price promotion22 May 2005EWQLSO Gold and Silver cross-grade offer (open to all)07 Apr 2005EW/QL announce Pro Upgrades for Symphonic Orchestra21 Jan 2005EastWest August 2004 Offers16 Aug 2004East West Kompakt instruments OS X v1.0.2 released04 Feb 2004Symphonic Orchestra Silver & Gold announced07 Nov 2003

Comments & Discussion for EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Silver

Discussion: Active
29 November 2012 at 6:17am

You mention that you bought the Silver edition and spent $300. Did you mean the Gold Edition? The silver Edition is currently selling for less than $100 (Cyber Week sales). And though I was already aware of the "negative" points you stated - IMO all of which are valid - personally I'm willing to jump through some hoops to save 50% off on a great library.

(The sale goes on through the end of the year, so I plan to pick up either Gold or Platinum before then). :)

29 November 2012 at 7:06am

Hey flugel - I made the brilliant choice to buy it about a week before the EastWest sale :). Hate to see EastWest get any more business but I can imagine 50% off is tempting.

A.M. Gold
A.M. Gold
29 November 2012 at 7:30am

EastWest has some bizarre issue with the concept of mixing instruments and software. They never, ever seem to get the software part right, nor do they seem to care (though I hear good things about the instrument part). I avoid them like the plague.

29 November 2012 at 7:34am

Same experience I have had. Eastwest BLOWS when it comes to they way they have their installation and support stuff setup. Just god-awful really. The play software sucks as well.

2 December 2012 at 3:51pm

I've had my issues with EastWest over the years, but I think a little balance is needed here.

On the Play engine -- it certainly is different from Kontakt, but in some ways its relatively simplicity is refreshing and quicker. Certainly moving sample libraries around your disks is much more straightforward with Play than with Kontakt. I also have found Play to be pretty darn stable on my Mac Pro. And I like many of the aspects of the GUI relative to Kontakt -- some of Kontakt still betrays the old NI "Reaktor" school of inscrutable under-the-hood stuff.

EWQLSO is kind of showing its age, but it is still a superb sounding library. But I think the criticism of EastWest would miss the point that their more recent products are absolutely incredible sounding. Hollywood Strings and Hollywood Brass is an AWFUL lot to give up if you've adopted an "avoid EastWest" policy. They're amazing. Now, again, EastWest is a bit quirky -- to get the hard disc (diamond) versions, you have to live with an internal SATA drive (which really makes sense when you consider the size of these libraries) and many will find that a pain in the ass. Although with Thunderbolt and external drive enclosures its really not that bad. (I've gotten an internal SSD for these libraries and I could never live without it now).

Another great EastWest product you'd be missing is the QL Pianos. The best sampled Piano library I've heard anywhere.

Plus when you actually call EastWest they have good and helpful people there.

So yes, EastWest has its issues and isn't always the most "user friendly" company. But I wouldn't totally give up on them, you're missing out on some stunning-sounding products that really have no equal.

8 December 2012 at 8:59am

I couldn't disagree more wankwinkel. The reason libraries running on Kontakt sound so much better isn't just the quality of recording - it's the tools / scripting available in Kontakt for the developers. It is generations beyond what East West is using with the Play Engine, making libraries from LASS, 8Dio etc. much more versatile and sophisticated. (more on this below).

Kontakt is also far more user friendly. It allows multiple manufacturer's libraries within the same interface. For example, I have all my Project Sam, Audiobro, Old East West libraries, 8Dio, Native Instruments, Cinesamples all availabe in the same Kontakt library window - all accessible at the same time. This is a HUGE plus. Combined with the fact that Kontakt allows the user to completely detach each individual instance of an instrument from each other - running multiple buses with endless scripting, effects, automation, routing - all in one GUI just makes Play seem like an application from the 1980s.

I'm not sure why you think Play has a better Library reallocation than Kontakt. That is absolutely NOT the case. Try reinstalling OS from scratch. 1) Download iLok driver. 2) Download iLok client. 3) Download Play. 4) Install Play and choose which libraries you bought so it can install the right interfaces for each. 5) Hope that this actually worked, which it rarely does on the first attempt - and hopefully you didn't forget to add a library, cause redoing the install will cause problems with other libraries that you did install. 6) Right click on "favorites" to add each library path - which is pointless cause you pick anywhere on your harddrive and it has no idea if it's the right path or not.

Whereas with Kontakt: 1) Download Kontakt latest version. 2) Install it and authorize through the Service Center simultaneously. 3) Open Kontakt 4) Add library, point to folder & simultaneously authorize through your online account. No dongle, no drivers, no hassles. 10x easier. And moving a library is as simple as removing it, adding it and pointing it to the new location. What's so difficult about that?

East West made a massive mistake ditching Kontakt - and an even larger mistake going with iLok (can't believe that company is still in business). It would have been fine had the Play Engine been a great application that could compete with Kontakt. But it really is a dud, sitting well below the competition.

I'll agree with you though - East West has some great sounding libraries. I'm a big fan of Silk & Ra. But I actually avoid Silk like the plague cause of the Play engine and still use the dated "Ra" cause I have the original version that still loads into Kontakt. :)

8 October 2015 at 2:07am

A little "easter egg" - on the quieter (low-velocity) layer of C3 in "4 trombones mute sustained" you hear the recording engineer saying "good.".

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