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Organ Plugin by GSi
No Longer Available

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Download VB3 for Windows from genuinesoundware.com
Download VB3 for macOS from genuinesoundware.com

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VB3 v1.1 jazz-blues-gospel patchset
for VB3 [Show all for]
by lightninrick [Show all by] on 20 April 2008
Downloaded: 543 times
These patches are for VB3 version 1.1--they will NOT work in version 1.0 or 1.0.1.

The patches are mostly based on registrations found at the Hammond Wiki at:

Each registration is represented by a single .FXP file, and should load into VB3 version 1.1 without a problem.

In most cases, only PRESET B UPPER MANUAL is in the setup. The Standard Jazz Registrations have different presets A and B, upper and lower manuals.

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6 August 2013 at 4:57am

Just bought this and what can I say - it is excellent. Never played a real Hammond but I know what they sound like.

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